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For Customers:
The office professionals at Promises Plus understand the complexities of flatbed, step deck and heavy haul freight.

Promises Plus is an extension of Long Haul Trucking that shippers can count on to move their flatbed, conestoga, step deck or heavy haul freight timely, safely and with care.

As a third party logistics service, Promises Plus offers competitive pricing, great service, and online tracking to ensure total visibility in every load hauled. With thousands of shipments hauled every year, Promises Plus is an industry leader in flatbed brokerage.

Knowledge you need to properly execute shipments from raw materials to finished goods and everything in-between.

Promises Plus works directly with flatbed trucking companies and qualifies them with strict safety guidelines. As an extension of Long Haul Trucking, Promises Plus knows the importance of a professional driver that can handle flatbed, step deck or over dimensional freight with knowledge and care.

Carriers who haul for Promises Plus are monitored with online tracking which keeps clients informed of current location and status from the time a load ships until it is safely delivered at the consignee.

Promises Plus is able to offer contractual pricing or spot quote shipping rates to make sure that every load has an agreed upon rate prior to hauling.

Flatbed Solutions including: flatbed / conestoga, step deck, heavy haul/RGN, Hotshot.

Long Haul Trucking is a single source provider many shippers count on to ensure that their flatbed freight is loaded with care, driven with pride and delivered on time.

For Carriers:

Promises plus offer great paying, consistent work for flatbed, step deck, heavy haul and hot shot carriers.

We provide clear expectations of what every load entails, are easy to contact, and will be with you every step of the way to ensure a smooth and successful haul.

When dealing with Promises Plus, you will have one point of delivery from start to finish, no middlemen or operating services that slow you down from getting the answers you need.
We pay timely, and promises to treat carriers with the same respect and honesty that we do our own fleet of drivers!

If you are a shipper or carrier interested in working for Promises Plus, email us today!

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