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Long Haul Trucking, Inc
6600 Jansen Ave NE
PO Box 167
Albertville, MN 55301

Please feel free to contact us for any of your needs… No job is too big or too small for the Long Haul Companies!

Local: 763-497-3727
Toll Free: 800-255-5153
Dispatch Fax: 763-497-3253
Recruiting 763-497-5669
Safety 763-497-5691
Human Resources 763-497-5602
Accounting Fax: 763-497-6650
Premier 94 Fax: 763-497-4627

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John Daniels Founder EXT 5692
Jason Michels CEO EXT 5660
Tiffani Steinke CFO EXT 5665
Jessica Harff Human Resources EXT 5640
Anthony Book Vice President, Sales & Marketing EXT 5676
Josh Hainstock Vice President, Fleet Operations EXT 5639
Susan Brown Safety Director EXT 5691
Mathew Montgomery Recruiter EXT 5669
Brian Beddo Recruiter EXT 5699


Andrea Chalich Vice President, Dispatch Operations/IT EXT 5696
Aaron Muncy Brokerage EXT 5670
Dustin Barthole Brokerage EXT 5617
Brian Dingman Chicago EXT 5677
Dustin Nelson Chicago EXT 5605
Kelli Roden Dispatch Assistant/Reception EXT 5610
Randy Cota Dispatch Floater EXT 5671
Dan Hugget North Central EXT 5678
Dave Fiecke North Central EXT 5687
Linda Knoertzer North Central EXT 5679
Paul Bergman South Central EXT 5664
Kelli McGill Northeast EXT 5615
Garth Lotts Northeast EXT 5688
Anna Pierson Northeast Assistant EXT 5661
Bill Siems Northwest EXT 5662
Greg Mattson South Central EXT 5686
Matt Ebert South Central EXT 5690
Kimberlee Krause Southeast EXT 5609
Sara Fennema Southeast EXT 5612
Beth Hanson Southwest EXT 5681

Premier 94

Rob Winter Premier 94 Shop Manager-APEX EXT 5685
Ryan Davis Premier 94 Shop Manager EXT 5685
Shop Counter 1 Service Writer EXT 5689
Shop Counter 2 Service Writer EXT 5683
Parts Parts, Warranty and Inventory EXT 5611

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