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Long Haul Trucking

Our customers demand service they can count on with every load entrusted to us. You measure our ability to keep your business by several key criteria: on-time delivery, consistently thoughtful service, anticipation of your needs, knowledge of the carrier role in your business, competitive pricing, careful cargo handling with no damage claims, accurate record keeping, financial stability and the quality of equipment and personal.

Long Haul Trucking was founded and operates to this day as a company that takes pride in hiring only the most professional, reliable drivers.  With a team that’s composed of true professionals our customers can count on us to be a great representation of their company for everyone we meet.

Situated just outside of Minneapolis in Albertville, Minnesota, the Long Haul Companies general offices are not more than 40 hours in any direction from all major United States shipping points. And, most cities are considerably closer to our fleet headquarters. We hold

  • 48 United States ICC Common Carrier, Contract Carrier licensed, bonded broker authorities.
  • Authority certificates in both Ontario and Quebec, Canada

The Long Haul Companies standard is to get shipments delivered in the same condition as they were picked up. Few carriers can make this claim.

At our general offices, we maintain a professional and experienced staff. They are available to answer your questions over a wide range of logistics and distribution topics.

Long Haul has been in business for 32 years and since day one, we have been known as one of the most reliable, courteous and professional fleets on the roadway.  This long-standing tradition of excellence is a major part of what’s lead to our success and growth throughout the years, and we cannot wait to continue this pattern of excellence with you!

Succession Letter

Long Haul Trucking’s Board of Directors is pleased to announce the successor to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) position.  Jason Michels, Executive Vice President of Long Haul Trucking, has been chosen by the Board of Directors to serve as Long Haul Trucking’s CEO in 2019.

“Long Haul Trucking went through a leadership transition after converting to an ESOP in 2013, during which we restructured the leadership team and how we approach our business.” Daniels said. “The plan was a long-term one, including this new transition.  I’m confident we have assembled a team of the finest professionals in the industry.”

Jason Michels has 21 years’ experience in the trucking industry and has worked with Long Haul for 19 of those years.  He began his career with the company as an Owner Operator, learning the business from the driver’s side first.  As a Long Haul Executive, he handles business development, operations, client relations, bidding and dispatch management. He also maintains an active role in Recruiting, Safety and Premier 94.

Tiffani Steinke will remain the company’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO).  Tiffani has been with the company for 18 years and has been the active CFO for 12.   She currently manages the Accounting and Human Resource departments and in responsible for the financial management of all of Daniels Holding companies.  Tiffani holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management from Minnesota State University Moorhead.

Josh Hainstock will be promoted to Vice President of Fleet Managment,  Andrea Chalich will become Vice President of Dispatch Ops and IT,  and  Anthony Book will become Long Haul's Vice President of Sales and Marketing.  Each of these individuals have demonstrated a passion for Long Haul since joining and will play key roles in the continued success and growth of the copmany. 

“When I started Long Haul over 30 years ago, I never dreamed it would grow to what it is today,” JD said.  “Our growth, driver retention and industry reputation is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our team. The leadership team I put in place has been successfully running the company since 2014.  I am committed to helping Long Haul continue to be an industry leader.”