September Newsletter

Anthony Book Long Haul Trucking

Long Haul Driver, Michael Peterson wins Drive of the Year! Long Haul Trucking is proud to announce that for the second year in a row we have been selected to earn the honor of having one of our drivers win Driver of the Year for the NASTC! This is an absolute honor and we would like to be among the first to congratulate our valued teammate, Michael Peterson for winning the award! Thank you, Michael, for the great work you do in always ensuring first class service for our customers while operating safely and as a success! We are thrilled to have a fleet of teammates like Michael that help keep us running strong and feel proud to be known as one of America’s premier fleets with the best drivers our industry has to offer.  Michael will attend and represent Long Haul Trucking at the NASTC conference this year where he will be presented with his award and once again remind all in attendance why Long Haul Trucking is second to none.  Thank you to Michael and all our drivers for the great work you do in representing our company!

Focused on a Strong Finish! Whether it comes to safety, service, or success, we take pride in driving accomplished and working daily to elevate the industry standard. Our company is proud to acknowledge that we’ve assembled an elite team and want to say thanks to each of our outstanding drivers and employees for all that you do. Now that September is ending, it’s time to lock it in high gear for the 4th quarter. Let’s maximize our abilities and work hard to the final minute of every clock in order to ensure that the coming months are as successful for everyone as possible! Rev up your engines, team Long Haul, it’s time to go to work!

Drive It Forward!

Thank you to everyone that has sent in your nominations for the Long Haul Trucking Drive it Forward campaign thus far!  We feel so blessed to be surrounded by a community of giving individuals that want to help make a positive difference in the lives of others.  With 3 months left in 2019, don’t miss your opportunity to submit a nomination of someone that you believe could use a helping hand by submitting information to

Thank you again to everyone that has submitted a nominee, we look forward to working as a team to help ensure that our company is making our communities and the lives of those we touch better on a daily basis!       


Three Keys for the Month

  1. Congratulations Michael Peterson on winning NASTC Driver of the Year for 2019!
  2. Let’s stay locked in on the goal of making 2019 another great year for our company and use these final months to achieve as much success as possible!
  3. Don’t miss your chance to submit your nomination for the Drive It Forward Campaign, together we can help make the world a better place!


We Reward our Drivers Safe

Driving Habits!

It’s hard to believe that we’re officially in fall, and with cooler temps and wet conditions on the horizon we want to send a quick reminder out to all of our teammates that it’s important to practice a safe speed and following distance when out on the road. Second to none is ensuring that each of our teammates can wrap up the year on a positive note and operating safe at all times is critical in doing so. We know that our team is committed to running as efficiently as possible and want to ensure that we’re staying safe, successful, and running at full strength all year long! Thank you, team Long Haul for all you do!