August Newsletter

Anthony Book Long Haul Trucking

Driver Appreciation Week!

During the month of September our industry takes pause in the second week of the month to thank and acknowledge all of its hard-working drivers by promoting Driver Appreciation Week (DAW).  This is a time that we hold with high regard and as a company cannot express how thankful we are to have a fleet composed of what we believe to be the safest, most professional drivers that the industry has to offer.  During DAW week, we will be hosting a variety of opportunities to engage with our fleet both at our office in Albertville, as well as over Social Media.  We are excited to offer more prizes and opportunities throughout the week than ever before and want to make sure that all our teammates are able to actively be part of the process!  At Long Haul Trucking, we aim to ensure that our drivers feel encouraged for the entire year and not just a single week, but in the spirit of the event feel that if anybody is going to do Driver Appreciation Week better than the rest, it should be Long Haul Trucking!  Thank you to all our amazing drivers for the great work that you do, we sincerely appreciate you!

Long Haul Soars with Safety!

We couldn’t be prouder to announce today that this past month at the Minnesota Trucking Association Conference, Long Haul Trucking walked away with 4 different awards for safe driving! These awards include-Above Average Safety Record, Accident Free Year in the State of Minnesota, Improved Fleet Safety Record and last but certainly not least the 2019 Fleet Safety Award for Outstanding Achievement in the State of Minnesota!!These are absolutely incredible awards to receive and we cannot say thank you enough to our Safety Dept, Drivers and office employees for their attention to safe driving every single day! We take pride in being a carrier that everyone can count on to operate safely, efficiently and timely.

Grab Your Chains!

It’s hard to believe that summer is already ending, but with September 1st in our laps we wanted to remind each of our drivers that this also means Colorado Chain Laws will be placed into effect soon!  Don’t forget to make sure you have the appropriate amount of chains and gear in your trucks when heading west!  We want to make sure that each of our teammates is set up for success when hauling across the country, all year long!

THE BOTTOM LINE We Reward our Drivers Safe Driving Habits!


During the week of September 15-22, the CVSA will have their annual brake safety week with a specific focus on brake hoses and tubing.  Throughout the week, inspectors will be conducting roadside inspections and keying in on brake violations.  Out-of-adjustment brakes and other brake system violations represented 45 percent of all out-of-service vehicle violations during 2018’s International Roadcheck. During last year’s Brake Safety Week, law enforcement conducted more than 35,000 inspections and placed nearly 5,000 of those out-of-service.  Let’s make sure to stay ahead of the game by checking the health of our brakes in order to ensure that we can run as safely and effectively as possible all year long!

Three Keys for the Month

  1. Make sure you stay engaged with our company throughout DAW week for your chance to be part of the action and thank you to all of our drivers for everything you do!
  2. Great job by our safety department and drivers for rocking it this year and once again proving that Long Haul is second to none when it comes to safety!
  3. Please stay on top of proper brake maintenance all year long in order to ensure that we can haul as safely and effectively as possible!