October Newsletter

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Healthy Teammates and Fulfilling Careers          

It shouldn’t be a secret that part of our companies’ goal is to create a fulfilling environment for each of our teammates to one day retire from.  Not only does that boil down to ensuring we provide the opportunities required for every employee to find success, but to promote a long-lasting life style centered around both physical and mental health. It is impossible to measure how much we value the drivers and employees that work at Long Haul and we want to ensure that each of you are happy to be employed with us for years to come.  Our drivers well being is second to none, and it is our duty to ensure that we give you the tools to be successful both at work and off the road.  Number 1 on that list is making sure that each of you has the ability and coaching to be as healthy as possible.  We’ve received an outreach from some of our drivers that take pride in living a healthy life style while at work and want to share those wellness tips with the rest of our fleet and the industry.  Moving forward, if you are a driver that takes pride in healthy eating and exercise, send in the tips and techniques that you utilize while out on the road so that we may promote and share them with our industry and other drivers.  We want to make sure that our fleet is first class in safety, service and lifestyle and we believe that as a team, we can work towards making a brighter future for us all!

Permit Book Renewals are Here!

It is permit book renewal season again. As in past years, all drivers will be required to come into the Albertville office prior to December 31, 2019 to get their permit book updated and sign the required annual forms. Dispatch has also been reminded that this time of the year is upon us and together we can work as a team to ensure that it is handled as well as possible so that we can keep each member of our team running! Thank you again to all our elite teammates for the incredible work you’ve done in making 2019 another great year for Long Haul Trucking! Let’s make sure to stay ahead of all housekeeping items in order to remain compliant and able to run strong all year long!

Drive It Forward!

Thank you to everyone that sent in nominations for the Long Haul Trucking Drive it Forward campaign thus far!  We feel so blessed to be surrounded by a community of giving individuals that want to help make a positive difference in the lives of others.  With 2 months left in 2019, don’t miss your opportunity to submit a nomination of someone that you believe could use a helping hand by submitting information to DriveitForward@longhaultrucking.com Thank you again to everyone that has submitted a nominee. We look forward to working as a team to help ensure that our company is making our communities and the lives of those we touch better daily!

Three Keys for the Month

  1. Send in your healthy lifestyle tips for us to share amongst the fleet in order to ensure that we are first class in safety, service and health!
  2. Permit book renewals are here!  Work with dispatch to be routed through the shop earlier, rather than later, in order to keep running hard all winter long.
  3. Don’t miss your chance to submit your nomination for the Drive It Forward Campaign, together we can help make the world a better place


We Reward our Drivers Safe

Driving Habits!

November is here, snow is falling, and after a brief interruption from fall it feels as though we’ve already settled into an early winter. Although many of us run in regions where the sun still shines and the weather is warm, a lot of our markets are already seeing temperatures cold enough to make the lakes freeze.  With colder temps and what’s looking to be a long, grueling winter ahead, we want to again stress the importance of practicing safe winter driving habits and today remind each of you how helpful it is to add fuel additives when traveling in colder climates. One key way for us to prevent tow bills and from gelling up is to have the proper additives running through our engines in order to keep them working at optimal performance.  Thank you to all teammates for your great work, we sincerely appreciate you!