September Newsletter 2020

Anthony Book Long Haul Trucking

Driven by Essential Professionals

It’s no surprise that our company is incredibly proud of the group of drivers that compose our fleet, and that we believe each of them are some of the most qualified professionals on the roads. As our company has navigated the different routes that 2020 has presented, our essential drivers have remained committed to doing the best they can to keep our company and country moving! Part of our mission is to make certain that every driver running for Long Haul knows how valued, appreciated and essential they are, which is why this year for DAW week our CEO, Jason Michels, sat down with the designers at Velocity Sportswear to customize a special Long Haul T-Shirt for only our drivers to wear. We are distributing these as only a small token of our appreciation for you as a member of our team and hope you wear it proudly for being the essential worker that you are! We believe these T-Shirts embody the pride, unity and spirit of Long Haul; we can’t wait to see each of you in them! Thank you to all our essential drivers for the great work that you do for our clients and company every single day!

Coming to the Shop?

We would like to extend a quick reminder to all our drivers that for us to better serve you, we ask that you always call ahead before arriving to our shop for work. We take pride in keeping all our drivers running strong out on the roads and can do this best by remaining organized and on schedule at our shop every day. Also, if any of our drivers has a breakdown after hours and needs to reach a member of the office staff for help don’t forget that you can always call 763-497-5689 for assistance! Let’s work together to keep each of our assets running in great shape and ready to dominate the rest of this year!

Repping our Brand

In the month of September, we were fortunate to have two of our drivers represent Long Haul well at two different truck shows! Please join us in congratulating Owner Operator, Shannon L for placing 3rd at the No Coast Truck Show for lighting combo in Britt, IA 2 weeks ago, and company driver Aaron P who took home the second place trophy for Paint and Graphics at the Special Olympics Convoy that took place in Sioux Falls, SD! Thank you to all our drivers for the pride you take in maintaining elite equipment!

Three Keys for the Month

1) Thank you to all of our essential employees for the work you do every day to keep America moving!
2) If you are planning on coming to the shop, please always call ahead to ensure we can have you worked on and back on the roads as quickly as possible!
3) Congratulations again to Shannon and Aaron for the awards you both won at truck shows in September and thank you to all of our driving professionals for the work you put into maintaining elite equipment.

We Reward our Drivers Safe Driving Habits!

As of 9/29/20 there are changes to the Hours of Service regulations, and we want to ensure that every member of our team is fully aware of what’s new in order to be able to continue running as efficiently as possible. If you are a Long Haul driver, please take time to review the email that was sent from Safety on 9/29 and call with any questions you have! In addition to the information that’s been sent, there will also be training on the Infiniti website (new version) that all drivers will need to complete regarding these changes. Thank you to all our drivers for your great work so far in 2020 and the dedication that each of you has put forth for success!