August Newsletter 2020

Anthony Book Long Haul Trucking

Commitment, Purpose, Culture

Long Haul Trucking was humbled and honored for being recognized in the Minnesota Trucking Associations monthly magazine, “Trucking Minnesota” as the MTA carrier spotlight for August! Our team could not be prouder of the great people that compose our company and would like to thank each of you for the major role you play in maintaining our reputation for having a reliable, dedicated and professional fleet. Throughout the piece there was a lot of discussion about how employee ownership, teamwork and the purpose we share to run one of the greatest trucking companies in the nation has helped set us apart from many other carriers on the roads. Overall, it wouldn’t be possible for Long Haul to be what it is today without the commitment and hard work that’s put forth from all our people. We are fortunate to receive compliments daily from our customers and others throughout the industry about how polished our drivers, people and equipment are and would like to thank you all for the role each of you play in giving us a company to be proud of. If you haven’t had a chance to read the article yet, you can do so following this link.

It’s the Holiday Season…?

Well, not exactly, but with Labor Day on the horizon and a slew of other holidays rapidly approaching in the coming months, we wanted to remind all our teammates the importance of proactive communication to ensure every holiday is spent as we intend it! We know that time with family and friends is important and remain committed to ensuring that when our drivers make plans to be home, we get them there on time. Please don’t forget to communicate with dispatch and the office staff in order to make certain that all your holiday arrangements in the coming months are met!

Brake Safety Week!

In the month of August, our fleet took part in the nationwide “Brake Safety Week” and feel pretty great about the results! Please join us in congratulating the following individuals that were all stopped, inspected, and marked clean! Roger C, Elliot S, Greg C, Al S and Glen W! Outstanding work to all of you fine drivers and thank you to all our team members for your continued focus on maintaining safe equipment! Let’s keep that energy in place and make it to a safe end in 2020!

Three Keys for the Month
1) We feel proud to be surrounded with great people at Long Haul and want to say thank you to the MTA for featuring our company in “Trucking Minnesota” for the month of August!
2) Outstanding work by all LHT drivers during Brake Safety Driving Week and thank you for your continued focus on safety.
3) If you have plans to be home, or with family and friends for the upcoming holidays, don’t forget to communicate those plans to the office staff early and often!

We Reward our Drivers Safe Driving Habits!

Throughout the course of a year we see a lot of different commodities loaded on and off our trailers for all sorts of clients. No matter how different one load might be to the next, one thing that doesn’t change is the amount of weight that our trailers can legally haul. We would like to remind all of our drivers that no matter where and what you are loading, it is critical that you find a scale to run across sooner than later to ensure you won’t have any weight issues down the road! Also, we would like to remind all our teammates that run west, effective September 1st (today) chain laws are back in the state of Colorado. This means that any truck planning to haul to or through the state of Colorado needs to have cables or chains on the truck! Thank you to all our drivers for your hard work this year!