October Newsletter 2020

Anthony Book Long Haul Trucking

Invested in the Industry
Part of our company’s mission is to ensure that we are not only focused on being a company that challenges the current state of our industry to be the best it can be, but that we are doing all we can to create opportunities for those interested in joining our profession for years to come. This past month our company was fortunate to be able to help make an impact locally by donating a 2016 579 Peterbilt to a local college for them to utilize and work on in their Diesel Technician Program. St Cloud Technical and Community College has never had a Peterbilt or a Paccar engine like the one we donated to them for their Techs to work on and we couldn’t be more grateful to be able to help provide them one. Long Haul as a company is committed to building long last relationships with our community and wants to help foster an educational landscape, encouraging anyone with interest in joining the field of working on diesel trucks by giving them the tools needed to do so. Thank you again STCC for your willingness to partner with Long Haul! Read more about our interaction with the diesel tech program and donation here! https://www.sctcc.edu/news/10-19-2020/mediumheavy-truck-donation-start-partnership

King of the Road!
Season 3 of Long Haul’s King of the Road, Powered by Peterbilt is officially underway and is offering brand new content featuring real stories about real American truckers and the trucking industry. Don’t forget to check your local listings to find out when new episodes will be aired in your region. Trucking is a proud profession that has acted as the backbone of our American economy for many years. King of the Road highlights this while talking about the stories and successes of working for a real American Trucking company or within the trucking industry. Don’t forget to also look up Long Haul’s King of the Road on Facebook, Youtube and Instagram as well!

Hard Work Pays Off
November is one of our favorite months at Long Haul as it brings the spirit of thanks in one of our favorite holiday’s, Thanksgiving. We cannot say enough about how thankful we are for the hard work and dedication that has been put forth by each of our drivers and office professionals in making 2020 another strong year for our organization. We are truly honored to work with and for a group of people that are always eager to do the best they can for our clients and how that has paid off in another successful year for the entire Long Haul team thus far! Let’s keep the momentum going and knock the last 2 months of this year out of the park!

Three Keys for the Month
1) Thank you to the St. Cloud Technical and Community College for your Partnership with Long Haul in the Diesel Technician Program!
2) Don’t forget to check out Season 3 of Long Haul’s King of the Road, Powered by Peterbilt!
3) Thank you to all of our hardworking drivers and employees for your great work so far this year. Let’s keep the momentum rolling and end 2020 as strong as possible

We Reward our Drivers Safe Driving Habits!
For any of our teammates that work at or have driven past corporate headquarters lately, you know that we have already been graced with plenty of snowfall as of October this year. Although temperatures will likely warm, and the snow may not stick, it’s a great reminder for all of us to consider the need for winter driving preparedness as we take off on the roads. We would like to remind all of our drivers of the importance of having winter clothing, food storage, and water available in your trucks in the instance that the snow slows your travels while out on the roads. Thanks again to all LHT drivers for your elite work this year, let’s make it a great end to 2020!