Roy Puryear Wins NASTC Driver of the Year!

Anthony Book Long Haul Trucking

This year Long Haul Trucking is excited to announce and recognize our teammate, Roy Puryear for winning NASTC Driver of the Year. As a company driver, employee owner and member of our fleet, Roy is someone that we can always count on to represent both Long Haul and our industry’s image well. Roy is a pleasure to work with and leaves a positive impression on everyone he meets. “When Roy showed up to Long Haul Trucking for orientation, the level of professionalism and kindness he displayed was exactly what we are looking for in a professional truck driver. Once Roy got in the truck, his commitment to safety and outstanding customer service illustrated that we had truly found a diamond” – (Long Haul Trucking CEO Jason Michels) Roy has spent over 25 years in our industry and in that time has obtained a great deal of wisdom and information that can be shared with the next generation of drivers coming to help propel their success.

Roy started trucking in 1997, in Roy’s words “Trucking and the oil fields is all my family knows.” Roy’s dad was in trucking, and it has always been a passion for his family. Roy would go out on the road with his dad and brothers often, which is what helped spur his love for the industry. Out of high school, Roy wasn’t quite old enough to go out on the road, so he opted to earn his Class B right away so he could drive and operate his oil rig. Once Roy hit 21, the legal age requirement to earn a CDL, it was a no brainer for him to go get the endorsement and start trucking!

Since 1997, Roy has driven over 2.5 million miles with only a single DOT recordable accident, which was deemed nonpreventable, an impressive accomplishment for over 25 years of trucking! In an industry where regulations are changed and rearranged quite often, it is amazing to consider the fact that Roy has been able to always remain safe during a 25 year career! Roy has a superior safety record and represents our industry image well with everyone he meets. Roy has seen and experienced so many different things in his time spent trucking. He’s done work ranging from moving oil rigs, hauling heavy duty bulk items, and is now proud to be part of team Long Haul and their flatbed conestoga fleet.

Roy is known around Long Haul’s office for being an individual that goes out of his way to do a great job for their clients, while remaining pleasant and positive in every interaction he has. He is a terrific human with a lot of experience and wisdom to help offer towards the next generation of trucking professionals. With over 25 years of experience in the industry Roy has without question seen many changes take place in the world of trucking. With so many valuable experiences to share, he would offer the following words of wisdom to the next generation of trucking professionals: “My biggest suggestion to younger drivers is to slow down. Be patient, get your mindset right and be prepared for what’s ahead. When I’m headed into a big city, I tell myself way ahead of time to slow down, be patient and get in the right mindset for what’s coming. Along with safe driving, the same goes for load securement. Slow down, do a good job, and follow the job through. Some days it’s important to just sit back and enjoy the scenery and love what you’re doing. Patience is key.”

Patience, without question, has helped propel Roy to an elite status of truck driver and one that Long Haul is very grateful to have as a member of the team! We couldn’t be more thankful that Roy is a member of our team and are proud to have him represent us as a winner for NASTC Driver of the year!