November Newsletter 2022

Anthony Book Long Haul Trucking

Thank you, Team Long Haul!

It has been a tremendous year for our team at Long Haul Trucking and we could not be more grateful for the partnerships of our valued clients and the hard work of our valued drivers and office professionals that helped make it happen! As we head into the holiday season, we would like to extend a most sincere thank you to everyone within our Long Haul family for the impactful roles each of you play in our success every day, you are sincerely appreciated! We also understand that the holidays are a very important time to spend with friends and family and would like to remind all our teammates on the road, the importance of proactive communication with dispatch to ensure that your holiday plans are being met! Thank you all, and Happy Holidays!

Winter Driving Tips!

This month we have seen a large amount of cold weather and snow impact much of our country. We would like to remind all of our teammates of the importance of being properly prepared to endure cold temperatures in your truck. Along with the list of items below, all drivers should also be utilizing the proper fuel additives to prevent engine issues or gelling up.
We encourage all of our drivers to double check that they have the following supplies in their equipment!
Bottles of water or gallons of water.
Toilet paper.
Nonperishable food and energy bars.
First aid kit.
Winter clothing – wool socks, winter hat, jacket, mittens, snow pants, winter boots, insulated face mask.
Hand and feet warmers.
Blankets or sleeping bag.
Safety vest.
It is incredibly important that we are prepared to endure potential time stranded in our trucks during the winter months and we urge all of our teammates to be as prepared as possible!

Last Check Before We Roll

We would like to extend a quick reminder to all our drivers that you are the final gate keeper to ensure load accuracy before hitting the road. Anytime you receive a BOL for a shipment that doesn’t match exactly what you are expecting to pick up, please contact dispatch or a member of the office immediately. Logistics is a fast paced industry and we are always focused on making each sure a load is a success while looking towards the next one, but catching small hiccups with loaders missing pieces of material or mis-marking a BOL can help us prevent a larger issue downstream.