December Newsletter 2022

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December Newsletter 2022

Breyon Wins 2022 John Daniels Beyond Driven Award!
Today we are honored to announce the winner of our 2022 John Daniels Beyond Driven Award, Breyon P! Named in honor of our company founder, John Daniels, this award is given yearly to the driver that embodies teamwork, professionalism and selflessness! What is most special about this award is that it is calculated solely on nominations from Breyon’s peers, meaning that when we asked our team who they felt should be crowned with this years title, he was the first name that came to their minds! Breyon is an elite driver, and even better human being. He is always willing to go above and beyond to ensure that our company and customer’s needs are met. He is safe, skilled, and successful as a driver and someone that any fleet out there would be lucky to have! Breyon, it is an honor to have you as a member of our team, thank you so much for all that you do, we sincerely appreciate you!

29 Year Long Haul Teammate, Linda Knoertzer Retires
It’s a bittersweet moment at Long Haul Trucking as we wish a happy retirement to our valued teammate, Linda Knoertzer, who after 29 years of employment will officially be retiring as of the end of this year. For the better part of 3 decades, Linda has been a pillar of our company’s success and someone that has treated everyone that’s crossed her path with kindness, respect and thoughtfulness. Linda has been responsible for the growth and success of many Long Haul customers and someone that we can always count on to treat our drivers well! Thank you so much, Linda for your loyalty, hard work and the positive attitude that you brought with you to Long Haul every day! You are always welcomed to come visit us and will forever be a member of the Long Haul family!

2022 Awards!
Our team feels incredibly fortunate to be composed of a fleet of drivers that we believe to be some of the most professional, courteous and skilled that our industry has to offer. Within our fleet of exceptional truckers, there is an annual push to be a member of the Long Haul Top Ten Club, and earn the crown of King of the Road! We would like to extend a sincere thank you to all of our amazing drivers for their hard work and loyalty in 2022, and especially those that finished in the Top Ten Club for the year! Please join us in congratulating the following:
1. King of the Road, Robert G!
2. Matt. C
3. Joe. L
4. Craig. A
5. Breyon. P
6. Jerry. B
7. Joseph. D
8. Tom. D
9. Aaron. P
10. John. B
Congratulations to all on a safe and successful year! We Drive Long Haul!

Winter weather driving tips- Plan your trips as much as possible to prevent any downtime caused by roads being closed. Look ahead before you depart towards your next destination, if needed the truck can be routed a different way to miss any road closures. For instance, if headed west from the Midwest and Wyoming is closed, we can route the truck to I-40 down and around to any points in CA.
A few solid options for information regarding the weather and road conditions are The Weather Channel, Accu Weather, and by state go to for whatever state you’ll be traveling through.
By pre-planning your trips it may save you a few days of being stuck waiting for the road to open up.
Always remember it’s better to plan ahead than end up stuck somewhere.