November Newsletter

Anthony Book Long Haul Trucking

Harry Slimmer Leadership Award Winner

Every year our company recognizes one driver that goes above and beyond to demonstrate leadership and great work in honor of our first company driver, Harry Slimmer.  We take this award very seriously and leave it up to our employees to nominate and vote for the driver that they feel has embodied a pro – Long Haul spirit consisting of a great attitude, work ethic, and team player mentality.  This year we are proud to recognize our valued teammate, John Velasco as the Harry Slimmer Leadership Award winner for 2019!  We cannot say enough positive things about John and what he brings to the table as a teammate.  His positive attitude is contagious, and we know that we can count on John to leave a great impression with every customer, driver and person that he meets while out on the road.  John has been a member of our team since 2015 and we’ve known since he came to Long Haul that he would be the kind of teammate we can count on to do great things. Thank you, John for all that you do and congratulations on winning this prestigious award that means so much to our company!

Permit Book Renewals are Here!  Another Important Reminder!  

It is permit book renewal season again. As in past years, all drivers will be required to come into the Albertville office prior to December 31, 2019 to get their permit book updated and sign the required annual forms. Dispatch has also been reminded that this time of the year is upon us and together we can work as a team to ensure that it is handled as well as possible so that we can keep each member of our team running! Thank you again to all our elite teammates for the incredible work you’ve done in making 2019 another great year for Long Haul Trucking! Let’s make sure to stay ahead of all housekeeping items in order to remain compliant and able to run strong all year long!

Caring for Kids.

Monday, November 18th marked the kick off for  Long Haul Trucking’s winter holiday toy drive, Caring for Kids.  We currently have two large boxes in the main entry at Long Haul for members of our team and community that want to make donations to help better the holiday season for the youth in our surrounding area.  Last years toy drive was a great success and we hope to continue the growth of this great cause through additional donations and items that could help brighten the holiday season for those around us.  Thank you all for your continued support and donations!           

Three Keys for the Month

  1. Please join us in congratulating John Velasco as the Harry Slimmer Leadership Award winner for 2019!
  2. Permit book renewals are here!  Work with dispatch to be routed through the shop earlier, rather than later, in order to keep running hard all winter long.
  3. Thank you to all of the members of our company and community that have helped brighten the holiday season for our youth by donating to Caring for Kids!


We Reward our Drivers Safe Driving Habits!

With a recent weather surge of cold temps, snow, and even freezing rain at times, we can be certain that the roads are going to be icy.  Maintaining a safe following distance from the traffic in front of us is always important  but especially critical when the roads are slick and even harder to slow down on.  We know that we can count on our drivers to always focus on defensive driving and want to thank each of you for your focus on safety all year long.  There is nothing we want more than to see all our teammates enjoy a safe, accident free future in order to keep running strong and able to generate the earnings that they deserve!