October Newsletter 2023

Anthony Book Long Haul Trucking

30 Years of Dedicated Service!

It is a very special month at Long Haul Trucking as we celebrate the 30 year anniversary of one of our valued Owner Operators and teammate, Arden Wray! Spending three decades with the same company is a monumental achievement and we cannot thank Arden enough for all his hard work, dedication and sacrifice to help make the last 30 years of his career here a success! We asked Arden what it has been about Long Haul that’s made it a company worth sticking with for 30 years to which he offered the following: “Long Haul has always treated me good, has let me work how I wanted to work, and made sure every time I needed to be home or go visit family, I was able to do so. I’ve made a good living going trucking for many years, it takes a lot of hard work and being willing to be away from home, but it has allowed me to provide for my family. Thank you to everyone who’s been involved with Long Haul over the past 30 years!” Thank you again, Arden, for all you have done over the past three decades as one of our drivers to help propel Long Haul to new heights. You will always be spoken of in high regards as a professional and kind individual at Long Haul Trucking!

Class Pays

Our team was proud to be well represented at the 24th annual #classpaysdisplay2023, put on by #Peterbilt in Denton, TX! One of our Owner Operators, Terry, and one of our Employee Owners, Thomas were able to attend the invitation only show to represent Long Haul with their beautiful trucks! Not only are both of these rigs outstanding to look at, but they are driven by true professionals! Thank you, Terry, and Thomas for all you do to represent Long Haul and our industry well!

Vests Are In!

As part of our show of gratitude for Driver Appreciation Month, we are excited to see our drivers wearing their new, custom Long Haul Trucking Carhartt Vests! This gift is a small token of our appreciation for the outstanding work and professionalism that our drivers roll with every day! If you are coming through the yard, make sure you stop in and get your vest! With permit book season rapidly approaching, it will provide a great opportunity to ensure all drivers are able to receive their LHT vests sooner than later. We hope everyone had an elite driver appreciation month and want to thank all of our amazing teammates on the roads for the work they do to drive Long Haul to new heights!

Coming In Hot: Permit Book Season

We are running full speed ahead into permit book season and for our drivers it is as good of time as any to start thinking about planning this into your coming weeks! Safety is already working on obtaining all permit renewals for 2024 and hopes to have everything ready soon. Keep an eye out for more details coming soon and be prepared to plan ahead in order to have this update successfully executed by the end of the year. We cannot thank all of our drivers, teammates and customers enough for making the first three quarters of 2023 truly exceptional, let’s keep it rolling!

Don’t Forget Your Chains!

As temperatures drop outside it reminds us that winter is well on the way, and that it’s important for us to ensure our rigs are equipped with the proper equipment to stay safe and legal while traveling in the western states. Colorado chain law is already in effect, and there are more states on the horizon. We value each of our teammates immensely and always want to ensure that we’ve taken the correct steps in staying safe and running strong all year long!