September Newsletter 2023

Anthony Book Long Haul Trucking

Driver Appreciation Month Recap

It was a great month at Long Haul Trucking, as we celebrated our drivers during the month of September! We were excited to have different food events at LHT each week and greatly enjoyed seeing many of our teammates make it through for some free food and camaraderie! We appreciate our drivers and take pride in doing all we can to offer treatment and pay that is leading in our industry. Without our drivers and the value that they provide for our clients, we would not be able to reach the same level of success that we have gotten to today! Operating a semi-truck is a proud career, sometimes overlooked for how critical of a function it serves in our world. We have an endless amount of appreciation for those who chose to make driving their profession. To all of the drivers who spend countless hours on the road to keep our economy moving, shelves stocked, and families supported, thank you!!

Driving Professionalism

With a desire to bring better learning opportunities to the students of Alexandria Technical & Community College’s (ATCC) Diesel Mechanics Program, Long Haul Trucking is grateful to have the opportunity to drive their education further by donating equipment in the form of a 2018 Peterbilt tractor for them to work on! Without question, ATCC does a great job of training students on the fundamentals of what it takes to be a good mechanic; show up on time, maintain a clean workspace, do thorough, quality work, and be coachable. Something that pushes the educational opportunities for students to the next level however, comes from the support of the industries that it serves. “We see the opportunity to donate equipment to schools with programs like ATCC’s as a call to action” stated Long Haul Trucking’s CEO, Jason Michels (Michels). “We have high expectations for the caliber of mechanic that we hire at our shop, Premier 94, but ultimately, we have some skin in the game to ensure these expectations are aligned with the caliber of training that the students in our local schools are able to achieve.” (Michels) As the trucking industry continues to drive towards a future of more extravagant, complex technology, the exposure that students are given to the types of engines and mechanics most commonly ran on the road is paramount. Long Haul Trucking is excited to continue to drive diesel education further in their partnership with ATCC that was formed in the donation of this equipment!

30 Years of Excellence!

It is an incredibly special month at Long Haul Trucking as we celebrate and congratulate our valued teammate Dave on 30 years of employment! Three decades spent with one company is an achievement few can make in life, and it is almost impossible to illustrate how much Dave means to Long Haul. He is an absolute cornerstone of our company, and someone we can always count on to represent us well! Dave’s relationships with our customers, drivers and his colleagues are second to none, we could not be more grateful to have him as a member of our team! Thank you, Dave, for calling Long Haul home in both your years of service spent as a driver and a dispatcher, we greatly appreciate all you do for us and your loyalty to our industry!

Don’t Forget Your Chains!

As temperatures drop outside it reminds us that winter is well on the way, and that it’s important for us to ensure our rigs are equipped with the proper equipment to stay safe, and legal while traveling in the western states. Colorado chain law is already in effect, and there are more states on the horizon. We value each of our teammates immensely and always want to ensure that we’ve taken the correct steps in staying safe and running strong all year long!