November Newsletter 2023

Anthony Book Long Haul Trucking

Joe Spadafore wins NASTC Driver of the Year!
Please join us in congratulating our valued teammate and Employee Owner, Joe Spadafore, for winning NASTC Driver of the Year for 2023! Winning this prestigious award is a tremendous accomplishment and we could not be more thankful to have our fleet represented by Mr. Spadafore. For the better part of the past 5 decades, Long Haul driver, employee owner and teammate, Joe Spadafore, has committed himself to trucking. With an estimated 3.5 million accident-free miles on the road and 12 round trips from Minnesota to Alaska and back under his belt, he is a wealth of knowledge for any young professional driver to learn from and enjoy. Joe is kind, courteous and professional while leaving a positive impact on any customer, office employee or fellow driver he interacts with. Joe Spadafore is an outstanding driver and human being; we are proud to have him driving for Long Haul!

Treat Your Fuel!
It’s that wonderful time of year again when temperatures can dip below zero in northern states and cause untreated fuel to freeze! As a Minnesota based company, we know that the vast majority of our drivers are accustomed to driving in below freezing temperatures, but want to ensure all are set up for a successful winter regardless. This is a friendly reminder to all of our professional drivers that if you are planning a trip north, please treat your fuel before you enter a colder region! Also, keep a close eye on your fuel filters and make sure you have extra in the truck so those can be changed as well. Thank you to all the members of our elite fleet for properly maintaining and operating your equipment!

Holiday and Winter Driving Ahead!
Safety is a top priority all year long and something that our drivers do a great job of focusing on! During this stretch of the year with added holiday traffic and winter driving conditions, it is important to be extra aware of our surroundings and routes of travel to ensure that we are both prepared and well equipped to safely handle any circumstances we come to incur. Let’s be the type of carrier that we would feel comfortable having our family and friends share the roads with!
Thank you, Long Haul drivers, for your continued focus on being always safe. We appreciate all your efforts and commitment to safe driving immensely!

Permit Book Season is Here!
We are running full speed ahead into permit book season and look forward to seeing all of our drivers over the coming weeks! Safety has now obtained all permit renewals for 2024 and is prepared for your arrival. The more proactive our drivers can be in their arrival to MN the better. There is a long list of drivers to get updated, and the last thing anyone wants is an avoidable bottleneck to occur that is caused from procrastination. We cannot thank all our drivers, teammates and customers enough for making the first three quarters of 2023 truly exceptional, let’s keep it rolling!

Don’t Forget Your Chains!
As temperatures drop outside it reminds us that winter is well on the way, and that it’s important for us to ensure our rigs are equipped with the proper equipment to stay safe and legal while traveling in the western states. Colorado chain law is already in effect, and there are more states on the horizon. We value each of our teammates immensely and always want to ensure that we’ve taken the correct steps in staying safe and running strong all year long!