December Newsletter

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Driving for a Strong Finish of 2019  

They say time flies when you’re having fun, and that’s exactly how the year of 2019 may feel for a lot of us.  It’s unbelievable to think that we’re on the cusp of a new year already and want to extend a sincere thank you to all our teammates, clients and partners that made 2019 an awesome year for our team!  Congratulations to all our hard-working employees on making it a great year and especially to those that took a piece of our company awards!   Some of these include, Al Smith who was named Company Driver of the year, Jan Christensen for once again claiming the title of King of the Road (his 6th consecutive title) and all the driven individuals that compiled our list of top 10 drivers.  Along with this group of people we would also like to applaud once again each of you that worked hard to reach your own safety, compliance and revenue goals as all those categories add up to the overall performance of our company.  Great work to all of you. We will see you back in 2020!

Top 10 Club!  

It’s a special accomplishment to earn a place in the Top 10 at Long Haul Trucking and these elite individuals put in the work needed all year long to make it happen.  Please join us in congratulating each of these outstanding individuals and thanking them for their hard work and dedication all year long!

1 – Jan Christensen             

2 – Christopher Neisler

3 – Alan Smith

4 – Kurt Paumen

5 – Matt Christiansen

6 – Jeremy Schmelzer

7 – Ken Bower

8 – Jerome Stewart

9 – Tom Dyson

10 – Craig Anthony

Clicking on all Cylinders

Like most companies we rely on a strong support system from several divisions in order to be a success. If it weren’t for the unbelievable support we gain from the great people across the board, we would never be where we are today.  Thank you immensely to all our divisions including safety, accounting, shop, maintenance dispatch, drivers and everyone in between!  We sincerely value each of you as part owners of our business and thank you all for the tremendous jobs that you’ve done throughout the year!

Three Keys for the Month

  1. It’s all about driving to a strong finish in 2019, congratulations to all of our Rockstar drivers for making this another banner year!
  2. Congratulations to all the members of our Top 10 club and thank you for your hard work and dedication all year long!
  3. Thank you to all our hardworking employees for the work you do in making our company what it is.  We are proud to have each of you on board!

THE BOTTOM LINE We Reward our Drivers Safe Driving Habits!

As the great football player Deion Sanders used to say, “If you look good you feel good, if you feel good, you play good.” We think this statement could relate to Long Haul in the sense that each of our drivers takes pride in not only working in an elite manner but doing so while driving some of the classiest, most beautiful trucks on the road.  Although driving beautiful rigs is a staple of our culture, it’s important to make sure any modifications we make to customize our assets, like window tints, are always compliant and of the legal standards.  If you have window tints on your trucks, please make sure that they are compliant with the law in order to avoid any fines or citations that would slow you down on the roads!