December Newsletter 2023

Anthony Book Long Haul Trucking

Thanks To All who Drive Us!
We cannot express enough the gratitude we have for our amazing clients, professional drivers, logistics partners and hardworking office employees for the contributions all of you made in helping make 2023 a successful year for LHT! Throughout the year we endure many good times and some challenges as well, but it is the strength of our community of people that surround us that help us succeed overall. In 2024, we are as committed as ever to demonstrate why trust, reliability and professionalism are descriptors of what Long Haul Trucking stands for! With 2024 officially here, we are eager to go back to work with you all and make this year even better!

King of the Road!
Please join us in congratulating our 2023 King of The Road, Robert G! Robert is no stranger to earning the prestigious title of King of the Road and continues to impress us all with his level of success as a driver here at Long Haul Trucking! Equally impressive to Robert’s driving capabilities are the characteristics he embodies as a true professional. He is safe, timely, courteous and a wonderful human being to work with! Robert truly helps set the standard of what a professional driver should look and act like, we could not be more grateful to have him as a member of our team! Congratulations, Robert, on earning the title of King of the Road for 2023. Thank you for all you do!

Nearly Three Decades of Service!
Please join us in congratulating and saying thank you to our valued teammate, Beth Hansen, who as of Friday December 15th has officially retired from Long Haul Trucking!
As a member of the Long Haul Family for the better part of three decades, it is impossible to put into words how much she means to us. Beth is a loyal, loving, and wonderful human being that we could not have been more grateful to have as a member of our team. Beth loves Long Haul Trucking and it showed in her work daily. She was always willing to come in early, stay late, and even work in the office on weekends any time that it was needed for our drivers or clients. Beth did many different jobs in her time spent at Long Haul and did all of them exceptionally well, helping us grow to become the company we are today!
Thank you, Beth, for all that you did for us in your time spent at Long Haul. Your impact will be felt for years to come and we hope to see you around the office often! You are a diamond, and we are so grateful to have you as a member of the Long Haul Family for life!

Don’t Forget Your Chains!
As temperatures drop outside it reminds us that winter is well on the way, and that it’s important for us to ensure our rigs are equipped with the proper equipment to stay safe and legal while traveling in the western states. Colorado chain law is already in effect, and there are more states on the horizon. We value each of our teammates immensely and always want to ensure that we’ve taken the correct steps in staying safe and running strong all year long!