October Newsletter 2022

Anthony Book Long Haul Trucking

Celebrating our People!

October was a special month for many reasons, two of which being the fact that it was National Employee Ownership Month, and also had within it National Technician Appreciation Week! We are incredibly grateful for the hardworking Technicians everywhere that help support our industry and especially those who work at our own shop, Premier 94. As for the techs at Premier 94, they are also included in Long Haul’s ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan) which brings with it a value of long-term earnings for them as employees. Employee Ownership has helped retain some of Premier’s top diesel techs over the years, where there are constantly new opportunities in an increasingly competitive field. One of Premier’s senior techs earned enough value in his ESOP account last year to equate to an additional $31 per hour of pay! We are grateful to be employee owned and would love to talk with any professional diesel techs who are interested in working at Premier 94!

Coming In Hot: Permit Book Season

We are running full speed ahead into permit book season and for our drivers it is as good of time as any to start thinking about planning this into your coming weeks! Safety is already working on obtaining all permit renewals for 2023 and hopes to have everything ready by late October. Keep an eye out for more details coming soon and be prepared to plan to have this update successfully executed by the end of the year. We cannot thank all our drivers, teammates, and customers enough for making the first three quarters of 2022 truly exceptional, let’s keep it rolling!

Winter Is Coming!

As we gear up for colder temperatures and potentially slippery conditions ahead, we would like to remind all drivers the importance of some of the winter driving tips that can help make every month a success! First and foremost, is to carry proper supplies, and be prepared to endure anything mother nature might toss at you while out in the snow. Slowing down, keeping a firm grip on the wheel, and allowing safe space to the traffic in front of you will also go a long way in ensuring that drivers are able to make the safest possible reactions to their surrounding traffic or environment. We will never make our drivers safety secondary to a load of freight and want all drivers to ensure they are prepared and ready to face all that the winter months have to offer!

Boost Your Earnings, Protect the Brand!

We would like to extend a sincere thank you to all the drivers that have already taken advantage of our referral bonus! We are proud to announce that this year alone we have already paid out $94,000 in referral bonuses and are eager to award more drivers with $2,500 for referring quality, professional drivers to join our team! For over 35 years, Long Haul has been proud of having a reputation built on operating a fleet composed of the most professional, clean-cut drivers in the industry. As we look to the future, it is important for us to keep this image intact by attracting the next generation of professional drivers. To help springboard this effort we are relying on our drivers, those that uphold our image daily, to do some work. Effective through the end of November, driver referral pay will remain at $2500 per driver, with orientation pay remaining at $2500 as well. Long Haul always has and will be a company driven by the best truckers in the industry, something we will never compromise, and we need our drivers help to continue to bring them here!