May Newsletter 2024

Anthony Book Long Haul Trucking

Employee Owners Invest in Success!

It is an incredibly special month at Long Haul Trucking, as May brings the statement release day for our ESOP. As an Employee Owned company, Long Haul’s office professionals, shop employees and company drivers are all company owners. This month, as a group, Long Haul employees can see an illustration of how their hard work has paid off and effected the individual ESOP balances they carry! Our Owner operators have also spoke highly regarding the amount of care and passion they see in the work Long Haul employees do for them with the employee owner mindset, which cannot be overlooked! This month brought one of the key days in which we celebrate the effort and dedication our employees have made as part of Long Haul Trucking and our ESOP. Thank you to our employee owners, Owner Operators and all the valued partners who help keep driving Long Haul forward!

Tenure Over Turnover

Throughout the month of May, Long Haul Trucking had the privilege of recognizing and thanking several drivers on social media for celebrating milestone anniversaries with our organization! Professional drivers are not easy to come by, and the amount of gratitude we have for the individuals driving for Long Haul cannot be understated. In an ever-changing world of transportation, the core values of safety, hard work and service cannot be overlooked. Maybe it’s old school, but Long Haul Trucking still values and sees the profession of being a truck driver as something to be proud of. Our fleet is composed of a group of individuals that not only represent Long Haul but our industry at a high level and we are honored that each of you chose Long Haul as the place to call home.

Roadcheck 2024

The CVSA held its Annual Roadcheck May 14-16, 2024. As a result of Long Haul’s above average safety rating, we received only one inspection during this time. Please congratulate Austin M. for getting a clean violation free inspection and receiving a $100 gift card. Only undergoing one inspection for the entire Roadcheck is an accomplishment our entire fleet should be proud of as it is a testament to the focus you have on safe driving all year long. Without safety you have nothing, and it is wonderful knowing that Long Haul’s drivers are among some of the safest on the roadways!

Keep it Green

One of the perks that comes with driving for Long Haul is that you represent a company that’s known for having an elite safety record! Having great safety scores means that we get the green light often which keeps our drivers moving and able to get on to their next loads quickly. It is with this benefit in mind that we would like to remind all our drivers the importance of continuing to do the little things right while out on the roads. Never overlook the importance of a thorough pre and post trip examination of your tractor and trailer to ensure every piece of equipment is operating correctly. We always want to be known as the company that sweats the small stuff and takes pride in driving as efficient and safely as possible!