June Newsletter 2024

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June Newsletter 2024

Happy Anniversary, Long Haul Trucking!

July 1st marked the 38th year of history for Long Haul Trucking and presented a time for us to stop, reflect and be thankful for all those who have helped make our company what it is today! Since we started our first engine over 38 years ago, Long Haul has always been a company that takes pride in giving some of the best, most professional drivers in America a place to call home. This has been accomplished by putting drivers first, being selective in who we hire, treating them with respect and offering some of the best equipment and pay the industry can offer. Around our amazing core of drivers, we have put together a team of office professionals that are focused on our company’s success, taking care of our clients, and making sure the reputation of Long Haul is preserved and known as one of top tier trucking companies out there. Our team of employee owners and drivers remain focused to this day on making sure that anyone who interacts with Long Haul still receives a thoughtful, professional, and caring experience. We couldn’t be prouder of the amazing group of people that have played in role in our success and are excited to see what the future holds!

Operation Safe Driver Week

This year’s CVSA’s Operation Safe Driver Week will take place July 7-13 with an emphasis on speeding. Safety is a top priority at Long Haul and we take pride in having one of the safest fleets in the country and we owe it all to our drivers. To show our appreciation, all drivers who receive a clean inspection during Safe Driver Week will receive a $100 gift card in addition to the normal incentives. Being known as a safe company throughout our industry pays great reward in the way we are looked at and treated, let’s continue to do all the little things right to ensure we can always feel accomplished in our safety!

6 Months More in 2024!

With the 3rd quarter of 2024 already here, we cannot express enough our appreciation for the drivers, office professionals and clients that have helped make the first six months of 2024 a success! We are looking forward to a safe and successful second half of 2024 and are excited to speak with new clients and perspective drivers about the opportunity of working with Long Haul Trucking! Our team is eager and determined to ensure that any new driver or customer brought to work with Long Haul is treated with politeness, professionalism, reliability and trust, and committed to offering a first-class experience in all that we do!

Bost Your Earnings, Protect the Brand!

For over 37 years, Long Haul has been proud of having a reputation built on operating a fleet composed of the most professional, clean-cut drivers in the industry. As we look to the future, it is important for us to keep this image intact by attracting the next generation of professional drivers. To help springboard this effort we are relying on our drivers, those that uphold our image daily, to do some work. We would like to remind everyone of our driver referral pay bonus of $2500.00 per driver. Long Haul always has and will be a company driven by the best truckers in the industry, something we will never compromise, and we need our drivers help to continue to bring them here!