May Newsletter 2021

Anthony Book Long Haul Trucking

Employee Owners See Return on Hard Work!

No matter the obstacles, circumstances or situation, our team of drivers and office professionals have proven once again that we have the drive to overcome and reach success!
During the month of May our team at Long Haul received incredible news, that our Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) saw impressive growth once again last year to the sum of a 38% increase in stock price! This is due in thanks to the efforts of our drivers and employee owners for the hard work and dedication that was displayed from them throughout 2020. Studies show that companies which operate as an ESOP historically see greater buy in and effort from their employees, two traits that we definitely witnessed from our team at Long Haul in 2020! We could not be prouder of our people and the ways in which each of our teammates rose to the occasion throughout last year to help make it another outstanding year for our company.

Safe Summer Trucking!

June is here and it feels as though summer has officially arrived! With a hot freight market, and great opportunities available, we are committed to ensuring that our drivers, clients, and company all share a successful summer! Here are few tips to keep in mind while trucking during the warm months that will help make sure every day is a good one. Number one; stay hydrated and keep plenty of healthy fluids in your truck! We all know how warm it can get at certain facilities, and making sure we have plenty of water in our systems is very important. Next on the list is to make yourselves aware as much as possible of any upcoming road construction on your routes of travel. We certainly have plenty of road work underway in MN and want to make sure all these zones are traveled through as safely as possible. Lastly warmer months and looser pandemic restrictions will ultimately lead to a significant increase in traffic. Make sure to be patient, practice a safe following distance and continue to do all the little things that ultimately make us one of the safest fleets on the roads! #WeDriveLongHaul

Roadcheck Champs!

Last month, specifically 5/4-6, marked the dates for the annual CVSA International Roadcheck. This was going to be one of the busiest Roadchecks yet as the DOT set a goal to inspect 17 trucks every minute. During the Roadcheck, we had seven inspections total, five of which were level 1, and all came back violation free! Please join us in congratulating the following drivers for passing their Roadcheck’s and giving us yet another reason to be incredibly proud of our amazing fleet: Aaron F, Michael N, Jeff H, Bill R, Jason C, Michael P, Michael S. Great work to all of you for passing your Roadcheck inspections! Thank you to all of our first class drivers for the pride you take in maintaining and operating elite equipment. #wedrivelonghaul

We Reward our Drivers Safe Driving Habits!

We would like to extend a reminder to all our drivers the importance of maintaining a safe, legal speed while traveling across America. It’s understandable to think that one might want to push it as hard as possible in order to get their current load delivered or move on to the next, but being stopped for speeding is something that will significantly slow us all down for the long haul. No matter the driving conditions or flow of traffic, it is important that we are always focused on maintaining a safe, legal speed to avoid any traffic stops, warnings or citations. We are off to a great start so far in 2021 and look forward to watching all our drivers experience a safe and successful year!

Three Keys for the Month
1) We’ve got a big summer of safe trucking ahead of us! Let’s make it a great one for all.
2) Great work to all of our Roadcheck Champs!
3) Don’t miss out on your opportunity to earn a referral bonus by bringing a professional driver into our fleet!