June Newsletter 2021

Anthony Book Long Haul Trucking

35 Years of Excellence!

July 1st marked the 35th year of history for Long Haul Trucking and presented a time for us to stop, reflect and be thankful for all those who have helped make our company what it is today! Since we started our first engine over 35 years ago, we have always been a company that takes pride in giving some of the best, most professional drivers in America a place to call home. This has been accomplished by putting drivers first, being selective in who we hire, treating them with respect and offering some of the best equipment and pay the industry can offer. Around our amazing core of drivers, we have put together a team of office professionals that are focused on our company’s success, taking care of our clients and making sure the reputation of Long Haul is preserved and known as one of top tier trucking companies out there. Our team of employee owners and drivers remain focused to this day on making sure that anyone who interacts with Long Haul still receives a thoughtful, professional and caring experience. We couldn’t be prouder of the amazing group of people that have played in role in our success and are excited to see what the future holds!

Diesel Shop Driven for Success

The month of June packed a punch in terms of temperatures and hot days recorded but our diesel shop, Premier 94, didn’t flinch for a minute! Thank you to all our diesel mechanics, diesel techs and trailer techs for the unbelievable amount of hard work and passion you demonstrated over the past month while sometimes wrenching in unbelievably warm conditions. We sincerely appreciate each of you for the great work you do in keeping our trucks rolling and cannot thank you enough for all you do!

Maintenance Reports

We would like to remind all drivers the importance of staying on top of maintenance reports and having them sent to Safety for record keeping. It’s no surprise that Long Haul drivers take great pride in maintaining their equipment to the highest possible level and proper keeping of maintenance reports only helps represent that! If you aren’t positive where to send them, Safety has a new cell phone that drivers can use to text all their documents such as inspections, fuel receipts, maintenance reports, damage photos, etc. The number is 763-458-0991 Thank you, drivers for your great work in the first half of 2021, let’s keep rolling strong!

The Bottom Line

Quick reminder to all teammates that we are still offering a $2,000 referral bonus for all Long Haul teammates! With a busy customer base and new trucks rolling in, we need all hands on deck to help make sure every day for our company and network is as successful as possible! Rest easy knowing that when you do refer someone to come here, they will be coming to work with a group of people that care about their success and want this to be the last new driving job they ever take. Thanks to all for your efforts in helping us attract some new, professional individuals to represent our team!