May Newsletter

Anthony Book Long Haul Trucking

Beyond Driven Company culture at Long Haul Trucking is focused on daily to ensure every teammate feels appreciated and rewarded for what they do.  Recently we’ve begun individually recognizing those who do an exceptional job of stretching beyond the requirements of their job to help make another teammate or customer successful. We would like to encourage all our teammates and affiliates to reach out to a staff member when they would like to nominate someone for going above and beyond so that we can recognize them publicly on our social media for being Beyond Driven. We define Beyond Driven as “an extra special action or effort put forth that makes Long Haul a better company for our employees, drivers or customers. An action that illustrates pride and thoughtfulness in a way that propels our company and industry forward.”  Essentially, we believe that our staff and drivers practice this effort daily and feel that it’s appropriate to applaud them publicly for doing so.  We cannot stress enough how much we value the people that propel our company and successes and thank each of you individually for all that you do.  When you have a nomination for Beyond Driven, please inform a member of our staff of who your nomination is, and what they did to help make your day better or more successful. Thank you again to all members of the LHT family for giving us a brand that we can be proud of. Together as a team we drive Long Haul forward.

2019 CVSA Scheduled for June 4-6

The 2019 CVSA International Roadcheck is quickly approaching and planned to take place this coming week of June 4th-6th.  This year there is a special emphasis placed on steering and suspension.  Although we always encourage our drivers to practice preventative maintenance and believe this is done amongst our fleet quite well, what better time than now to ensure every piece of your tractor and trailer is working flawlessly to avoid any future fines or citations during Roadcheck.  There’s no doubt that we would always prefer to see our drivers being able to work hard and generate revenue rather than deal with any preventable fines and we applaud the great work they do in maintaining elite equipment!

Drivers Safety is Second to None!

Over the past couple of weeks, we have seen some extreme, severe weather around the country and want to remind our drivers again that when it comes to their safety, there is nothing more important.  When reports begin to surface of poor weather conditions along your route of travel, be sure to stay in communication with dispatch or other members of our staff to ensure that we can find a safe place for you to shut down and wait it out.  We’ve got a fleet comprised of what we believe to be the best drivers in America and it’s critical to us that you can roll with us for many years!

Three Keys for the Month

  1. Let’s take time to thank our people for being elite, don’t forget to submit your nominations for Beyond Driven when someone goes above and beyond to make your day a success!
  2. With the 2019 CVSA Roadcheck rapidly approaching don’t forget to make sure your rig is in elite shape to keep rolling strong all week long!
  3. If there’s poor weather on your route of travel, please communicate with dispatch early and often so we can locate a safe place to have you shut down and wait out any hazardous conditions.


We Reward our Drivers Safe Driving Habits!

We couldn’t be happier with the results of our fleets focus on safety throughout the beginning of this year and thank each of our drivers for the great work that they do!  There’s no question that when it boils down to details, our fleet is second to none in terms of load securement, safe driving and customer satisfaction.  Equally important to ensuring this however is that our drivers are not only properly taking care of their jobs on the road, but themselves as well.  Maintaining a proper sleep schedule, healthy diet and a bit of exercise are great things to be mindful of every day.   Not only will doing these things help you feel refreshed behind the wheel but can lead to long term lifestyle habits that might improve your quality of life as a whole!