April Newsletter

Anthony Book Long Haul Trucking

Safety Driven

This month Long Haul Trucking attended their annual insurance summit, a yearly conference that comes with being a member of their Captive insurance group. Attending the conference with Long Haul Trucking were 46 other carriers, that together communicate and collaborate on ideas and policies to improve each other’s safe driving practices and scores. This year, Long Haul Trucking is proud to announce that we have received the Award of Honor, which is given out at the conference annually, in recognition of the carrier with the most outstanding safety program and for having the highest safety scorecard rating among all in attendance. “Receiving this recognition is a huge accomplishment and was done through our company’s emphasis of maintaining safety as a major piece of our culture. For us to meet the vast number of criteria needed to achieve this honor, it takes everyone being on the same page in making safety a priority. From drivers, dispatchers, the safety department and upper management, we put a lot of importance in remaining safe in everything that we do.” – Long Haul Safety Director, Susan Brown.  Our company is incredibly proud of earning this recognition and cannot reiterate enough how important it is for us to be as safe as possible. “Receiving this honor took a team, a great team. I would like to thank Sue Brown and our safety team for all their continued efforts in making safety a priority. Awesome job! This could not be achieved without the processes we have in place and the people who make sure they are followed.” – Long Haul Trucking CEO, Jason Michels. We are very proud of the fact that our company is being recognized for their diligence towards safety and look forward to making this a pattern for years to come!

Providing Opportunities, Generating Success

When we say that our mission is to be the company you one day retire from, we mean it! Being a driver isn’t easy and there’s always a recruiter or competing company calling stating that the grass is greener if you go work for them. As a people driven organization, we hope that our teammates know that our mission is to offer the opportunity of having a fulfilling, successful, career and we’re always here to talk if you feel like you need some help in making that happen. As a driver first company, our successes start and end with the people behind the wheel, and if it says Long Haul on the side of your door, we aim to keep it there. #WeDriveLongHaul

Keep Your Eye On the BOL!

Running with a proper Bill of Lading, (BOL) is critical for the success of our drivers and company.  BOL’s provide important details for our drivers that can include the type of freight we’re hauling, who our contacts are for the customer or delivery, and when we’re supposed to arrive at our destination.  In addition to this, operating with a proper BOL is critical in making sure that we’re protected as a carrier and under a good understanding of what we’ve signed up to haul.  If you ever have a question on the BOL a shipper has handed you, don’t hesitate to call in to dispatch or safety for some clarification before you take off with the load.  It’s very important for us that our drivers are set up for success on every load that they haul and having a proper BOL plays a major role in us doing so

Three Keys for the Month

  1. Please join us in congratulating our drivers and Safety Division for winning the Award of Honor at our latest insurance conference!
  2. When we tell our teammates that our goal is to be the company they retire from, we mean it!
  3. Keep your eye on the BOL!  If you ever have a question on your BOL, don’t hesitate to call in to dispatch before taking off with the load!


We Reward our Drivers Safe Driving Habits!

As we drive into the second quarter of 2019, we would like to remind our drivers the importance of a couple key safety practices that can ensure we remain as productive and compliant as possible.  First, we would like to extend a reminder that with warm weather comes more road construction sites and that it’s very important to remain aware of any posted speed changes when entering these zones.  Be mindful of the fact that the individuals working on these roads have jobs to do just like us, and it’s important that we respect their space at a proper speed to do so.  Secondly, always remember to maintain a safe following distance from the traffic in front of you.  With busy roads and heavy amounts of spring and summer traffic ahead, let’s make sure we continue to do the little things right to remain safe and free of any preventable incidents.  Thank you again to our amazing drivers for your continued focus on safe driving!