June Newsletter

Anthony Book Long Haul Trucking

Long Haul Trucking Makes Top 25 For Hire Company Among Top Flatbed/Heavy Specialized Carriers: Our team is proud to announce that in the 2019 ranking of Transport Topics Top 100 For-Hire Carriers we came in ranked 21st on the list for Flatbed/Heavy Specialized Carriers.  We are honored to receive this recognition and cannot say thank you enough to all our valued teammates for making it happen!  We are blessed to have a fleet composed of what we believe to be the very best drivers in the nation and an office team that is second to none.  As an Employee Owned company, we’ve taken major strides in creating a company culture that promotes accountability, empowerment and respect which are all key components of the healthy, organic growth that we’ve seen over the years.  As a company it is Long Haul’s mission to continue an upward trajectory of growth while remaining loyal to the promises we’ve made since opening our doors of being a first-class carrier that treats their customers, drivers and employees with quality care and individualized attention. Congratulations Long Haul team and thank you again for all that you do to make our company a great place to work!  See Long Haul’s listing and the rest of the list here: https://www.ttnews.com/top100/flatbed/2019

Operation Safe Driver Week Set to Take Place July 14th-20th

 During Operation Safe Driver Week, law enforcement agencies across North America engage in heightened traffic safety enforcement and education. This year, Operation Safe Driver Week is aimed at combating unsafe driving behaviors to continue making our roads as safe as possible!  Activities are held across the United States and Canada with the goal of increasing traffic enforcement, safety belt enforcement, driver roadside inspections, and driver regulatory compliance. This year’s focus will be on speeding. Law enforcement will be supporting the message: “Late won’t kill you, speeding will.” However, law enforcement will still be ticketing dangerous driving behavior throughout Operations Safe Driver Week.  We know that our fleet is always focused on operating as safely as possible and applaud you all for your focus on safe driving!

Long Haul Rewards Elite Driving

We talk a lot about how awesome our fleet of drivers are and our commitment to ensuring they are given an opportunity to be rewarded for driving as safe and efficient teammates.  We also know that more than just offering lip service, it’s important to put our money where our mouth is, and we are proud to announce that in the second quarter Long Haul paid out $180,822 in driver bonuses alone!  These bonuses are tailored to encourage our drivers to run their trucks as optimal as possible while remaining fully compliant with the laws of the roadway as well.  Thank you to all our first-class drivers for your commitment to safe driving and elite customer service. We value each of you for your hard work!

Three Keys for the Month

  1. Congratulations to all of our teammates for the hard work you put forth in making Long Haul a Top 25 flatbed company! 
  2. With Operation Safe Driver week coming up quick, lets make sure to continue practicing safe driving daily in order to remain as efficient and compliant as possible!
  3. We are thrilled to announce that we paid over 180k in driver bonuses for Q2 and look forward to offering our elite fleet more bonus incentives in the future!


We Reward our Drivers Safe Driving Habits!

Pre and Post trip inspections are two key components that can promote a great deal of success in our day to day jobs.  When we take the time to ensure that our rigs are running properly before and after each load, it sets us up for success and allows us to continue working hard, making money and steering clear of any violations that might slow us down while on the roads.  Our fleet works too hard to have to deal with preventable slow downs which is why we always encourage our drivers to stay on top of any maintenance or technical issues that could be caught by a thorough pre-trip inspection. Thank you again to all of our drivers for the great work that you do on a day to day basis, we sincerely value your dedication to our team!