March Newsletter 2024

Anthony Book Long Haul Trucking

Polite, Professional, Reliable and Trustworthy

As a service provider, part of our mission is to ensure that our clients receive First Class, quality treatment for every step of their partnership with us. With transportation being the massive industry that it is, it is always important for us to consider what we can do to set us apart from others? Polite, professional, reliable, and trustworthy are some of the key character traits that can help solidify our standing as a valued partner for clients while also fostering a working climate we can all be proud to take part in. We have great value for the people who work at Long Haul and live these character traits every day and look forward to an ever-evolving future that is always built on a foundation of outstanding customer service and quality treatment for the people who keep us rolling. We have officially entered the second quarter of 2024 and cannot express enough appreciation for everyone who’s hard work helped play a role in keeping us rolling strong so far this year!

Community Driven

Since Long Haul was founded in 1986, one thing that’s always been valued and fostered is having a community of drivers who work together, build relationships, and look out for one another. As our fleet evolves with more professional drivers hauling for us, this is a cornerstone that we love to see remain intact. If you drive for Long Haul, we hope you are proud to be part of the community of fellow drivers that you operate with. It is nothing short of wonderful when we hear of fellow teammates helping one another out while on the roads, spending time with each other’s loved ones, and creating friendships that help fuel success for all! We roll stronger when we do it as a community!

Incoming Solar Eclipse

As you may know, there is an incoming solar eclipse to America, with plans to peak on April 8th. The pathway runs from southwestern TX up to Niagara Falls, NY. This phenomenon draws attention from many and will undoubtedly create busier roads and high congestion areas in places where there typically is not. If you are planned to operate through the line of the eclipse, please be prepared to see an increase in pedestrian traffic, and potential decrease in places to park or maybe even fuel. Also, please always remember the importance of attentive driving when rolling down a heavily congested roadway. Pedestrians trying to get a glimpse of the eclipse may act irrational and pull over on the freeway. It is best to be prepared!

Keep it Green

One of the perks that comes with driving for Long Haul is that you represent a company that’s known for having an elite safety record! Having great safety scores means that we get the green light often which keeps our drivers moving and able to get on to their next loads quickly. It is with this benefit in mind that we would like to remind all our drivers the importance of continuing to do the little things right while out on the roads. Never overlook the importance of a thorough pre and post trip examination of your tractor and trailer to ensure every piece of equipment is operating correctly. We always want to be known as the company that sweats the small stuff and takes pride in driving as efficient and safely as possible!