February Newsletter 2024

Anthony Book Long Haul Trucking

Thanks to the Folks that Keep us Rolling!
We cannot thank our team enough for all their persistence and hard work in making the month of February a success! We would like to especially thank our hard-working mechanics and techs that spend many hours of the day wrenching on our rigs and trailers to keep us rolling down the road! For Long Haul to be a success, we need to be able to count on each division of our organization to operate at peak performance and we have been fortunate to see this happen daily to begin 2024. Along with our shop workers, we would also like to extend a special thank you to each of our drivers, dispatchers and office employees for their commitment to safety, attention to detail and passion for success. As we gear up to continue rolling strong through 2024, it is the hard work of our employee owners and amazing drivers that make the difference in how great we can be!

Where are you Planning to Park?
Fortunately, it appears that spring may be arriving a bit earlier than usual as we’ve enjoyed warmer temperatures in many states. One thing to remember during a spring thaw is that it can create soft ground conditions. Please keep this in mind when choosing a location to shut down for a break, as we don’t want to risk seeing any of our drivers sink or get stuck into a soft ground. Keep up the great work team Long Haul – we can see clearly that 2024 is going to shape up to be a tremendous year!

Focused Driving is Safe Driving!
Technology can be a wonderful thing, but it can also cause a major distraction. As a company that is laser focused on being as safe as possible, we have a zero tolerance for any type of handheld electronic being used while driving. Long Haul drivers are some of the best and are looked at as industry leaders for their first-class service, equipment, and ability to execute. Let’s make sure that we are leaders when it comes to safety as well! If you are going to take the time away from home to go out working, one of the best ways to ensure the time you spend is worthwhile is by doing everything you can to remain safe. Eliminating the use of cell phones or any handheld electronics is an easy, yet critical, way to be as safe as we can be!

Keep it Green
One of the perks that comes with driving for Long Haul is that you represent a company that’s known for having an elite safety record! Having great safety scores means that we get the green light often which keeps our drivers moving and able to get on to their next loads quickly. It is with this benefit in mind that we would like to remind all our drivers the importance of continuing to do the little things right while out on the roads. Never overlook the importance of a thorough pre and post trip examination of your tractor and trailer to ensure every piece of equipment is operating correctly. We always want to be known as the company that sweats the small stuff and takes pride in driving as efficient and safely as possible!