July Newsletter 2021

Anthony Book Long Haul Trucking

America Doesn’t Work Without Truckers.

As our world has dealt with the Covid-19 pandemic over the last year and a half one thing that has stood strong as ever is the need for truck drivers. From images of empty freezers in grocery stores to the great toilet paper drought of 2020, their role in America’s supply chain has been more prevalent than ever. We couldn’t be prouder of the outstanding drivers both within Long Haul Trucking and throughout our industry that continued to work hard and deliver the goods that society needs. As time rolls forward and the images of the essential drivers that were so prevalent in the early stages of the pandemic seem to fade, we will always work as hard as possible to reward and thank all the amazing people driving trucks for the impactful work that they do. America’s supply chain doesn’t work without truck drivers, and it is important that they are appropriately compensated and appreciated for all the work that they do!

Percentage Pays at LHT

One of the greatest positives that we see from paying our drivers on percentage is that in the event of an increase in freight rates, our drivers see a direct impact on the growth of their wages. We’re in this business to pay our drivers every penny we possibly can and once our drivers are set at a certain pay percentage, we will always honor that percentage on every load. Whether the load pays $1,000 or $10,000, our drivers deserve to be paid as much as possible because they’re the ones out on the roads away from home doing the work! Long Haul has always believed in putting our drivers first and takes pride in ensuring that they receive industry leading pay by keeping them on percentage while offering transparency in freight rates for every load booked. Thank you to all of our first class drivers and teammates for solidifying the first half of 2021 as one of our best yet, let’s keep it rolling!

Rewarding Hard Work!

April, May and June equaled a record setting quarter for Long Haul Trucking, thanks to all of our hardworking drivers and office professionals! Of the many impressive marks that were reached, one of our favorites was the record setting amount of bonus pay earned by our company drivers! These bonuses are earned by our drivers through doing an outstanding job of earning revenue, while remaining focused on being as safe as possible! Thank you to all our amazing drivers for the incredible work that each of you do, we value you immensely!


Important announcement regarding physical renewals for drivers! We have seen a trend as of late where physicals are taking longer than usual to be updated from our driver’s home states and would like to ask each of our drivers to have your 24 month physicals renewed at least 3 months in advance for success! There’s nothing we like more than having all our drivers out on the road making money and being delayed or unable to haul while waiting for a physical to be updated is frustrating for us all!

The Bottom Line

Quick reminder to all teammates that we are still offering a $2,000 referral bonus for all Long Haul teammates! With a busy customer base and new trucks rolling in, we need all hands on deck to help make sure every day for our company and network is as successful as possible! Rest easy knowing that when you do refer someone to come here, they will be coming to work with a group of people that care about their success and want this to be the last new driving job they ever take. Thanks to all for your efforts in helping us attract some new, professional individuals to represent our team!