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July Newsletter 2020

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Long Haul Drivers Shine During Safe Driver Week.

July 12-18th marked this year’s CVSA Safe Driving Week, which is a time when law enforcement personnel throughout North America take an extra hard look for any unsafe driving on the roadways. Long Haul is fortunate to have a fleet of drivers that we can count on to be safe all year long, and especially grateful that during CVSA Safe Driver week our teammates did a stellar job at not only remaining clear of citations, but passing inspections that occurred as well. We would like to especially congratulate the following individuals who were stopped during the week for inspections and completed them cleanly; Donald B, Mike F, Jeff M and Jason A! Outstanding work to each of you and thank you again to all members of our team for your continued focus toward safe driving. As a company we always aim to be a first class fleet that takes pride in operating only the safest, most reliable drivers and assets on the roads! Great work to all!

Road Work Near LHT!

Like many locations around the United States, some of the major roadways that lead to and from Long Haul Trucking are undergoing seasonal roadwork and repair. This is an important reminder to pay extra close attention to any posted signage that indicates road construction while out working. Speed changes, lane reductions, and merges are some of the challenges that can be presented rapidly when entering a construction zone and it’s very important that we remain aware of all changes in traffic flow when entering these areas.

Become an Owner!

2020 has been a year that’s presented all types of new challenges for our team to overcome, and we couldn’t be happier with the dedication and hard work that our people have put forth every day to do so! If you have interest in joining Long Haul and our group of employee owners, we would love to hear from you! We are interested in talking to perspective mechanics, drivers and office employees in joining our team! Thank you to all our current employees for the great work you’ve done in 2020, we appreciate you immensely!

Three Keys for the Month

1) Outstanding work by all LHT drivers during CVSA Safe Driving Week, and thank you for your continued focus on safety.
2) Stay aware of any roadwork along your toad of travel and pay close attention to posted changes in speed or lane restrictions.
3) Make 2020 the year that you become a business owner by joining Long Haul Trucking and our ESOP!

We Reward our Drivers Safe Driving Habits!

Pre and Post trip inspections are two key components that can promote a great deal of success in our day to day jobs. When we take the time to ensure that our rigs are running properly before and after each load, it sets us up for success and allows us to continue working hard, making money and steering clear of any violations that might slow us down while on the roads. Our fleet works too hard to have to deal with preventable slow downs, which is why we always encourage our drivers to stay on top of any maintenance or technical issues that could be caught by a thorough pre-trip inspection. Thank you again to all of our drivers for the great work that you do on a day to day basis, we sincerely value your dedication to our team!