June Newsletter 2020

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Celebrate An Anniversary With Long Haul Trucking!

Our company is grateful and excited about every new driver or employee that joins our team. But what we enjoy even more than bringing aboard a new employee, are the moments when we celebrate a 5,10,20 or even 25 year anniversary with one of the folks already aboard. We always say that when you work for Long Haul it will be the last new driving job you ever take, and we are laser focused as a company on making that happen. Furthermore, we have just as much of a vested interest in retaining our awesome employees as we do outstanding drivers. Once we find the right type of worker that fits our culture and processes it is critical for us that they stay for the long haul. Amongst the different ways that we work to show our appreciation for their commitment to our company, the ESOP program that we offer is second to none. When you work for an Employee Owned company like Long Haul Trucking, you will be rewarded financially over time for the hard work and commitment put forth for our team. So if you are a first class driver looking for a new home, or a hardworking professional in search of a rewarding fulfilling career- we encourage you to check out Long Haul Trucking, make your next working anniversary one that you spend as a member of the Long Haul family.

Mechanics Wanted!

Our shop, Premier 94, is actively searching for new or experienced Diesel Mechanics to come join our team! Premier 94 is located on site at Long Haul headquarters in Albertville, MN. When you are a member of the team at Premier 94, you will be eligible to enroll in our company’s employee stock ownership program (ESOP) while wrenching and working on some of the finest trucks out on the roads! We offer a variety of opportunities for our employees, including training and educational services that can help you grow as a professional! If you have interest in learning more about joining our shop, contact Rob Winter at (320-761-3016) or via email at RobW@longhaultrucking.com

Trucks for Sale

If you have ever had a dream about becoming an Owner Operator, this is an opportunity you cannot miss! Long Haul Trucking is currently having a sale on 2 beautiful tractors looking for some hard working drivers to fill them. These trucks are 2015 Peterbilt 579’s with Paccar Power, 10 speeds, super singles, Thermo King APU’s, Owner Op Specs and 600-700,000 miles! Every service record for each of these machines is available and they have been immaculately maintained over the years. Make this year a major turning point in your career and reach out to our team for information on how to purchase! For further info, call Josh at 563-213-0708

Three Keys for the Month

1) Make your next working anniversary one that you spend as a member of Long Haul Trucking!
2) If you are a new or experienced mechanic, or know someone that is, encourage them to check out Premier 94 for a great career opportunity.
3) Make 2020 the year that you take a huge step forward in your career by purchasing one of our well maintained, used tractors, while reaching your dream of becoming an Owner Operator!

We Reward our Drivers Safe Driving Habits!

Summer months can bring a variety of fun and excitement for people to spend outside enjoying the sun and company of others. As people venture out to see friends and family, we will certainly see a rise in traffic. Busy highways with reduced lanes from road work can lead to some pretty undepictable traffic conditions from the pedestrian standpoint, which is why we would like to reiterate the importance of defensive driving for our teammates out on the roads. Maintaining a safe following distance, holding your lane, and remaining patient can make a big difference in delivering each load safely and on time. We feel fortunate to have a fleet of professional drivers and want to ensure that each of you enjoys a safe and successful summer.