February Newsletter 2021

Anthony Book Long Haul Trucking

Driven to Succeed.

Part of Long Haul’s success is built on the relationships that we share with our clients, drivers, and office professionals. Every day brings new opportunities for us to make these relationships stronger as we work together to overcome obstacles and achieve common goals. We would like to applaud and extend a sincere thank you to all the amazing drivers and office professionals that have been accommodating and committed to ensuring that our valued clients are being served. 2021 has brought a tremendous amount of freight volumes so far and with business booming, we need to be able to count on having all hands on deck in order to ensure that our customers are getting the amount of daily capacity they need to be successful. We would also like to encourage each of our drivers to not only have a helpful mentality when it comes to dealing with clients, but with their fellow Long Haul drivers as well! When you cross paths with another Long Haul driver in the field we ask that you work together to help make each others day as efficient as possible. If you are at a shipper waiting to be loaded and see another Long Haul teammate in the load securement process, jump out of your truck and offer to help! Teamwork is a part of our backbone and can go a long way in strengthening the relationships our drivers share with both our clients and each other.

Focused on Safety

Safe driving is smart driving and no matter how important a delivery, pick up or phone call from dispatch might be, safety trumps all. Throughout Long Haul’s history we have worked hard to become known as one of the safest fleets on the roads, a reputation that we wouldn’t trade for the world. We would like to remind all our teammates that no matter the circumstance, safety is and always will be our number one priority. Practicing defensive, professional driving is one of the biggest keys to success. Our company is committed to not only being a carrier that clients can count on for execution, but the same type that they won’t mind sharing the roads with while traveling besides us in their own vehicles as well.

Inspecting Equipment.

Pre trip and post trip equipment inspections are two of the most important parts of our day. Taking the time to execute proper equipment inspections can make the difference between getting to your next pick up or delivery on time versus being stopped along the way by DOT or in the scale house. Please don’t overlook the importance of your trip inspections and make sure that you are practicing them daily. Nothing makes us happier than watching our drivers flawlessly execute load after load. Ensuring that our equipment is maintained in elite condition plays a big part in making that happen.

Three Keys for the Month
1) Thank you to our clients, drivers, and office professionals for the roles each of you play in our success!
2) Safety is always our top priority, stay focused on always being one of the safest carriers on the roads!
3) Pre-trip and post -trip inspections are two major practices that can help us ensure every load is a success!

We reward safe driving habits!

March is here which has the forecast calling for warmer temps and sunnier days across the nation! As exciting as it may be to consider having spring around the corner, it’s important to remember what warmer temps and soft ground conditions can do to our equipment. We would like to remind all our drivers to be very mindful of where they park in the coming weeks to avoid dealing with any sinking into soft, melting ground. Parking on the shoulder or on a dirt lot might not be the best place to stay for a long break as there’s a strong likelihood you may get stuck. Hopefully warmer days and a hot freight market are here to last and together make for an elite spring and summer!