January Newsletter 2021

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Long Haul Legend, Mike Baker, Retires.

One of Long Haul’s missions is to ensure that any time a new driver comes aboard our fleet, they will be with us until the day they retire. This year, we are proud to announce the official retirement of one of the very first drivers to join our fleet, Mike Baker, spent over 32 years on the road while calling Long Haul home. Mike came to Long Haul in September of 1988 because of a pre-established relationship that he shared with our founder, John Daniels (JD). Since joining, Mike has put in countless hours of hard work while using his skills to help grow our company to what it is today. Mike has truly seen it all. From Long Haul’s humble beginnings of hauling potatoes in the spring and summer and bird seed in the fall and winter, to working on specialized, dedicated lanes that are today the foundation of some of our most valued clients, we truly would not be where we are today without him. Thank you, Mike, for all that you have done for Long Haul over the years. You will always be looked at in the highest regard as a first class driver and individual that can act as a model for an aspiring trucking professional to view for years to come. We wish you the best in retirement and appreciate you immensely.

Get Your Gear!

New Long Haul gear is here and available for sale! We are excited to announce a new partnership with a local clothing outfit that offers Long Haul customizable clothes on a variety of great pieces of clothing and equipment! Check out the website link below to see what is currently available and make sure to outfit your wardrobe with a few new items of Long Haul apparel! There is nothing we love more than seeing our drivers, clients and employees decked out in LHT gear! Link on our website home page.

Equipment for Sale!

Whether you’re a Long Haul Driver or professional trucker with a taste for great equipment, we might have the perfect tractor or trailer for you! Visit our website for listings on all our current, available equipment which we stand by as being well maintained and proven revenue earners! If you have any questions on the equipment listed, feel free to message us through our web page or email Josh for information at JoshH@Longhaultrucking.com

Three Keys for the Month

1) Thank you, Mike Baker for your 30 plus years of service. We appreciate all you did for Long Haul!
2) Don’t forget to check out and purchase yourself some new LHT gear from our online store!
3) If you are in the market for a new trailer or tractor, our used inventory might have the key to help launch your career to the next level!

We Reward our Drivers Safe Driving Habits!

Thank you to all Long Haul Drivers and employees for the hard work that each of you have put forth in launching 2021 to a great start! We are grateful to have so many hard working drivers and busy customers as it has put us in a strong position to make this year a great success thus far! Although freight is hot, the weather in most of our country is still quite cold, and we would like to remind each of our drivers the importance of practicing safe driving skills while out on the roads. Managing your speed and staying aware while driving, to the importance of holding your lane, are two practices to follow which will help ensure that every load hauled is executed to perfection. Thank you to all our teammates for your great work this year, let’s keep it rolling!