January Newsletter 2024

Anthony Book Long Haul Trucking

Quality Driven!
Being a professional driver to us means taking pride in every aspect of the job. Safe driving, quality interactions with customers, knowledge of equipment and a desire to be the best helps propel our drivers to being what we believe are some of the highest quality drivers in the industry.
As we drive further into 2024, we know we can count on the members of our fleet to do what it takes for us to be viewed as a quality carrier in the eyes of our customers and industry partners. We cannot express enough the gratitude we have for our amazing clients, professional drivers, logistics partners and hardworking office employees for the contributions all of you made in helping make 2023 a successful year for LHT! With 2024 officially here, we are eager to go back to work with you all and make this year even better!

Keep it Clean and Running Mean!
We understand that snowy, salty conditions can lead to a load of crud on the sides of our trucks. When it feels like every road you travel on only decreases the cleanliness of your rig, it may feel a bit pointless at times to take your truck for its weekly wash. Although it may prove more challenging in these winter months to keep your trucks at peak condition on the outsides, regular truck washes also play a major role in the overall maintenance and functioning performance of our equipment. By taking the time to enjoy a weekly wash, you are taking a step forward in preventing a breakdown that could be caused by road grime or salt. Keep your trucks as clean as they can be, and let’s all enjoy a successful winter!

Clean Your Plate!
With a new year, comes plate renewal time for our hard working trucks and drivers, and we would like to ask all drivers to keep an eye out for additional details regarding renewals in the coming weeks. Once plates come in, a member of the Safety team will contact you, and together we can work on a plan to have all plates successfully renewed as efficiently as possible. It was a solid month for team Long Haul, let’s continue and make 2024 as safe and successful as it can be!

Safety Driven!
Thank you to all Long Haul Drivers and employees for the hard work that each of you have put forth in launching 2024 to a great start! We are grateful to have so many hard working drivers and busy customers as it has put us in a strong position to make this year a great success thus far! Although freight is hot, the weather in most of our country is still quite cold, and we would like to remind each of our drivers the importance of practicing safe driving skills while out on the roads. Managing your speed and staying aware while driving, along with holding your lane, are two practices to follow to help ensure that every load hauled is executed to perfection. Thank you to all our teammates for your great work this year, let’s keep it rolling!

Don’t Forget Your Chains!
As temperatures drop outside it reminds us that winter is well on the way, and that it’s important for us to ensure our rigs are equipped with the proper equipment to stay safe and legal while traveling in the western states. Colorado chain law is already in effect, and there are more states on the horizon. We value each of our teammates immensely and always want to ensure that we’ve taken the correct steps in staying safe and running strong all year long!