January Newsletter 2023

Anthony Book Long Haul Trucking

Robert G Recognized as Candidate for MTA Driver of the Year!
Professional truck drivers are part of our company’s culture and last month we were well represented by a true professional at the Minnesota Trucking Association’s Driver of the Year Banquet! As the MTA’s driver of the month for July of 2022, Robert was competing with 11 others for the prestigious Driver of the Year award. Winning driver of the month within itself is a major honor, and we cannot express enough how proud we are to have been represented by Robert as a Driver of the Year Candidate! Although Robert did not take home the honors of Driver of the Year, we are incredibly grateful to have him as a member of our fleet, employee owner and person that we can all be proud to work with every day! Congratulations on all your success, Robert and thank you for representing Long Haul!

Inspecting Equipment
Pre-trip and post-trip equipment inspections are two of the most important parts of our day. When we scrutinize our own equipment thoroughly, it helps set us up for success if we are stopped by someone else that wants to look. Taking the time to execute proper equipment inspections can make the difference between getting to your next pick up or delivery on time versus being stopped along the way by DOT or in the scale house. Please don’t overlook the importance of your trip inspections and make sure that you are practicing them daily. If you are a Long Haul driver that has questions on what to expect during a DOT roadside inspection, we have instructions for them listed in your permit book. Nothing makes us happier than watching our drivers flawlessly execute load after load. Ensuring that our equipment is maintained in elite condition plays a big part in making that happen.

Safety First
We have and will continue to face cold and icy conditions in much of the country for the foreseeable future. Slips and falls on ice are something we want to prevent as much as possible by practicing three points of contact anytime we are entering or exiting our trucks and trailers. Furthermore, when you are walking on ice, it is important to walk slowly with your toes pointed outward (think like a penguin walks). Part of our goal as a company is to have a fleet of drivers that can enjoy their days working on the road and go home safely without injury when the time comes to do so, by taking the extra time to work safely in icy conditions, we are taking another step forward in being able to do so!

Winter weather driving tips- Plan your trips as much as possible to prevent any downtime caused by roads being closed. Look ahead before you depart towards your next destination, if needed the truck can be routed a different way to miss any road closures. For instance, if headed west from the Midwest and Wyoming is closed, we can route the truck to I-40 down and around to any points in CA.
A few solid options for information regarding the weather and road conditions are The Weather Channel, Accu Weather, and by state go to 511.com for whatever state you’ll be traveling through.
By pre-planning your trips, it may save you a few days of being stuck waiting for the road to open up.
Always remember it’s better to plan ahead than end up stuck somewhere.