April Newsletter 2023

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April Newsletter 2023

Respect, Transparency and Trust
If you ask us, the secret sauce to being a great carrier for our clients is through having a group of well-respected office professionals and drivers for them to interact with every day! Maintaining an image of beautiful equipment is wonderful, but being greeted by a well-treated, kind individual coming out of the cab is even better! Our company has focused, since it’s inception, on being a place where some of America’s best drivers call home. This has been retained by never wavering from the levels of treatment and opportunity that we have been grateful to offer our fleet for over 35 years. “Running on the Power of Promises Kept” is not just a motto, but a piece of our company culture that plays significantly in how we always have and will provide a great place to work for professional drivers!

Insurance Cards are Out!
Quick reminder to all LH drivers that our insurance renewed on 5/1/23 and if you do not have a copy of the updated Insurance ID Card in your permit book, you must have one ASAP to be compliant. These cards were emailed in April, a hard copy was also mailed to our driver’s home address, and it is posted on the Long Haul website. If you need a copy, please call anyone in safety ASAP and we will get one out to you. Thank you to LH drivers for your continued focus on safe driving and ensuring that we do everything possible to be the safest company our insurance providers get to deal with!

CVSA Roadcheck Set for May 16-18!
As we roll into the month of May, an important reminder that CVSA Roadcheck is set for the 16th-18th of this month! We know all LH drivers are constantly focused on safety, but this is a crucial time where extra enforcement will be out to ensure we are on our game! The focus of this year’s Roadcheck is anti-lock braking systems (ABS) and cargo securement. Any driver receiving a violation free inspection during this year’s Roadcheck will receive a $100 gift card in addition to the regular incentives. Check out the CVSA website below for more details. Let’s make it a great month!

Driver Referral Bonus
Thank you to all of our drivers that have put on their recruiting hats and helped bring more drivers to LH this past year, we are sincerely grateful for your efforts! We are excited to continue to offer our $2500 driver referral bonus, paid out 90 days after the driver you helped refer has been working at Long Haul! Let’s continue to work together to bring the industries best into our fleet while growing our pool of professional drivers to be one we can all be proud of!