May Newsletter 2023

Anthony Book Long Haul Trucking

Safe Summer Trucking
June is here and it feels as though summer has officially arrived! With great opportunities available, we are committed to ensuring that our drivers, clients, and company all share a successful summer! Here are few tips to keep in mind while trucking during the warm months that will help make sure every day is a good one. Number one; stay hydrated and keep plenty of healthy fluids in your truck! We all know how warm it can get at certain facilities and making sure we have plenty of water in our systems is very important. Next on the list is to make yourselves aware, as much as possible, of any upcoming road construction on your routes of travel. We certainly have plenty of road work underway in MN and want to make sure all these zones are traveled through as safely as possible. Lastly, warmer months will ultimately lead to a significant increase in traffic. Make sure to be patient, practice a safe following distance and continue to do all the little things that ultimately make us one of the safest fleets on the roads! #WeDriveLongHaul

Roadcheck Champs!
Last month marked the dates for the annual CVSA International Roadcheck. This was going to be one of the busiest Roadchecks yet, and we are grateful for the Long Haul drivers that came away with clean inspections! During the Roadcheck, we had eight inspections total, five of which were level 1, and all came back violation free! Please join us in congratulating the following drivers for passing their Roadcheck’s and giving us yet another reason to be incredibly proud of our amazing fleet: Randy R, Corey J, Jerry B, Matt C and Breyon P, each of these drivers earned a $100 gift card on top of their normal incentives for safe driving! Great work to all of you for passing your Roadcheck inspections! Thank you to all of our first class drivers for the pride you take in maintaining and operating elite equipment.

Know Your Truck!
With a shared goal of a safe and successful summer ahead, it is so important that all drivers know the ins and outs of their trucks to make it happen! Pre-trip and Post-trip inspections are key to ensuring that every item of our equipment is up to par and able to represent Long Haul as proudly as possible. If you spot an issue on your equipment, get it fixed the right way. Make sure that you have the proper decals, well-functioning tires, and all of the little intangibles right that help keep our rigs running strong! Our team had an awesome May, and with summer months ahead, is eager to execute on every load our customers offer for us all to be successful!

Driver Referral Bonuses
Thank you to all of our drivers that have put on their recruiting hats and helped bring more drivers to LH this past year, we are sincerely grateful for your efforts! We are excited to continue to offer our $2500 driver referral bonus, paid out 90 days after the drivers you help refer has been working at Long Haul! Let’s continue to work together to bring the industries best into our fleet while growing our pool of professional drivers to be one we can all be proud of!