March Newsletter 2023

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March Newsletter 2023

Long Haul Families Support our Success!
As a company, we are constantly focused on doing the best job possible to ensure that the professional drivers who chose to work at Long Haul are happy and want to stay here for their entire careers. Long Haul Trucking aims to always treat our drivers with kindness, respect, and honesty, while offering exceptional pay opportunities and first-class equipment. As a company we challenge ourselves daily to be the best we can be for our valued drivers. One thing we don’t always have a hand in controlling, and is one of the biggest contributors to a successful driving career, is the support and love our drivers feel from family and friends back home. We cannot illustrate enough how much we appreciate all our driver’s family members for the support and care that they can provide from home, as it makes a significant difference in being a successful driver out on the road. Being a truck driver is hard work and being away from home for weeks at a time isn’t easy, having a strong foundation of family holding down the fort for our drivers while they are out working is critical to both the driver’s success and well-being! Thank you, Long Haul family members for all you do!

Focused Driving is Safe Driving!
Technology can be a wonderful thing, but can also cause a major distraction. As a company that is laser focused on being as safe as possible, we have a zero tolerance for any type of handheld electronic being used while driving. Long Haul drivers are some of the best and looked at as industry leaders for their first-class service, equipment, and ability to execute. Let’s make sure that we are leaders when it comes to safety as well! If you are going to take the time away from home to go out working, one of the best ways to ensure the time you spend is worthwhile is by doing everything you can to remain safe. Eliminating the use of cell phones or any handheld electronics is an easy, yet critical, way to be as safe as we can be!

Keep it Green
One of the perks that comes with driving for Long Haul is that you represent a company that’s known for having an elite safety record! Having great safety scores means that we get the green light often which keeps our drivers moving and able to get on to their next loads quickly. It is with this benefit in mind that we would like to remind all our drivers the importance of continuing to do the little things right while out on the roads. Never overlook the importance of a thorough pre and post trip examination of your tractor and trailer to ensure every piece of equipment is operating correctly. We always want to be known as the company that sweats the small stuff and takes pride in driving as efficient and safely as possible!

Avoid Weather Delays!
Spring is planning a rapid arrival in MN, along with other pockets of the country as well. After a record winter in precipitation and snow, no doubt will some areas suffer flooding. Look at the route you are going to travel beforehand to account for any closed roads or delays. Plan your trips as much as possible to prevent any downtime caused by roads being closed. Look ahead before you depart towards your next destination, if needed the truck can be routed a different way to miss any road closures. For instance, if headed west from the Midwest and Wyoming is closed, we can route the truck to I-40 down and around to any points in CA.
A few solid options for information regarding the weather and road conditions are The Weather Channel, Accu Weather, and by state go to for whatever state you’ll be traveling through.
By pre-planning your trips, it may save you a few days of being stuck waiting for the road to open up.
Always remember it’s better to plan ahead than end up stuck somewhere.