January Newsletter 2022

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January Newsletter 2022

Keep it Clean and Running Mean!
We understand that snowy, salty conditions can lead to a load of crud on the sides of our trucks. When it feels like every road you travel on only decreases the cleanliness of your rig, it may feel a bit pointless at times to take your truck for its weekly wash. Although it may prove more challenging in these winter months to keep your trucks at peak condition on the outsides, regular truck washes also play a major role in the overall maintenance and functioning performance of our equipment. By taking the time to enjoy a weekly wash, you are taking a step forward in preventing a breakdown that could be caused by road grime or salt. Keep your trucks as clean as they can be and let’s all enjoy a successful winter!

Clean Your Plate!
With a new year, comes plate renewal time for our hard working trucks and drivers. We would like to ask all drivers to keep an eye out for additional details regarding renewals in the coming weeks. Once plates come in, a member of the safety team will contact you and together we can work on a plan to have all plates successfully renewed as efficiently as possible. It was a solid month for team Long Haul. Let’s continue and make 2022 as safe and successful as it can be!

Pet Policy
As some of you may know, Long Haul is excited to roll out a new policy that would allow our company drivers the opportunity to potentially have a dog in the truck! Below is the outline of the Pet Policy:
• 50 lb dog or less.
• $1,000 deposit via payroll deduction. (Can be made in payments)
• Truck will be yours for the tenure of its career with Long Haul
• Any validated customer complaints could lead to pet removal.
• Drivers are expected to clean up after their pet.
• Dog must be removed if the truck is going into a shop.

As always, we ask our drivers to be respectful of our clients, their vendors and our companies property. Please be mindful of where your dogs are going to the bathroom and clean up for them along the way.

Boost Your Earnings, Protect the Brand!
For over 35 years, Long Haul has been proud of having a reputation built on operating a fleet composed of the most professional, clean-cut drivers in the industry. As we look to the future, it is important for us to keep this image intact by attracting the next generation of professional drivers. In order to help springboard this effort we are relying on our drivers, those that uphold our image daily, to do some work. Effective today through the end of March, we are increasing our driver referral pay to $2500 per driver, while also increasing our orientation pay to $2500 as well. Long Haul has always been a company driven by the best truckers in the industry, something we will never compromise, and we need our drivers help to continue to bring them here!