December Newsletter 2021

Anthony Book Long Haul Trucking

Grateful for a Wonderful Year!
2021 ended up being a wonderful year for Long Haul Trucking, thanks in large parts to the efforts of our drivers, clients, and transportation professionals. So many people played a critical role in our companies’ success, and we would like to recognize those that earned one of our 2021 awards or reached a notable milestone this past year! Please join us in congratulating and thanking those members of the Long Haul family that left their mark on 2021 in a major way. We awarded drivers with titles for: The John Daniels Beyond Driven Award, King of the Road and Top Ten. We also were able to recognize six drivers for achieving one million accident free miles, three drivers for achieving two million accident free miles, four drivers for ten years of dedicated service and three drivers for twenty years of dedicated service! It’s hard to express the amount of gratitude we have for each of the individuals listed above and all those that played a role in our companies’ success this past year. Thank you all for everything you do, it is immensely appreciated!

Driven to Give
December of 2021 brought a great opportunity for Long Haul to be able to donate one of our used pieces of equipment to the diesel program at Hennepin Technical College. We have been fortunate to hire some of the techs that come out of this program and are always impressed with the caliber of employee they mold thanks to the hard work and dedication of their instructors and advisors.
Thank you also to Transport Graphics for helping us create an awesome co-branded look between LHT and Hennepin Tech! #wedrivelonghaul

Referral Bonus Reminder!
**Important reminder to all LH drivers and employees!**
Long Haul is still offering our referral bonus of $2,000 for any professional, qualified drivers that you refer to join our team! What better way is there to earn some extra cash than to refer a driver to a great job at Long Haul Trucking! Thank you to all of those who have participated in the driver referral program so far and for the positive impact you played in helping us add high quality drivers onto our fleet in 2021!

29 Years of Commitment!
It was a bittersweet month at Long Haul Trucking as we say Thank You and Happy Retirement to our teammate of 29 years, Paul “Cubby” Merges. Cubby has been an unbelievable asset to the Long Haul family since joining our fleet in 1992 and with over 3.7 million miles of safe driving under his belt for us, he will truly be missed. He is not only a great driver, but an unbelievable teammate that we could count on to help represent Long Haul well with every driver and client he interacted with out on the roads. We asked Cubby what it was about Long Haul that kept him around for almost 3 decades to which he offered the following: “When I walked into John’s office 29 years ago I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. After the first trip out I was hooked. It’s the people at Long Haul that make it different. If you go somewhere to load or unload and if there’s another Long Haul driver there, they come over to help you. It’s a real team atmosphere filled of great teamwork.” We cannot say thank you enough, Cubby for all you have done for Long Haul in the years you spent with us. You will be missed immensely and always thought of as an unbelievable teammate and driver.

The Bottom Line
As we head into January with colder temperatures soon, we would like to suggest that all our drivers consider the usage of fuel additivies to prevent gelling up. Fuel additivies, fuel filters, and a close eye on the weather forecast can help play major roles in how successful of a winter we have. This is especially important to consider when you fuel in a southern state and may be northern bound, as many fuel stops in the south do not mix any additives in with their diesel fuel. We have experienced record low temps in MN this past week and want to make certain that all our teammates are in a position to keep rolling and make 2022 as successful as possible!