September Newsletter 2021

Anthony Book Long Haul Trucking

A Time to Show Appreciation

During the month of September, we were excited to set aside some time and celebrate the nationally recognized event, Driver Appreciation Week, which spanned from September 12-18th. This week is always a terrific time for us to pause, reflect and show thanks and appreciation to all the wonderful people that compose both Long Haul’s fleet and our entire industry for the sometimes thankless work that they put forth to keep our loads and countries supply chain moving. At Long Haul Trucking, we are undoubtably blessed to be composed of what we believe to be some of the best drivers in the industry and know that without their hard work and dedication to our team we wouldn’t be the company we are today. Thank you to all our amazing drivers for all you do!
Coming Soon: Permit Book Updates!
It’s hard to believe, but we are already over 75% through the year 2021, meaning many of our annual to-do’s are right around the corner. Near the top of this list of things that need to be accomplished is permit book renewal. Permit books are among the most critical pieces of documentation kept in our trucks and we would like to encourage all our teammates to stay ahead of the game in getting this done well before the end of the year. Stay tuned for additional important information regarding permit book renewals and how the process will be handled this year.

Communication is Key to Our Success

When it comes to doing our jobs at the highest level possible, communication is a critical piece to our success for all teammates across the board. We would like to remind and encourage our drivers the importance of strong communication with clients while on the roads to ensure that pickups, deliveries, and everything in between is handled in as effective and service friendly of a manner possible. We also would like to reiterate the importance of our office personnel staying in close communication with every member of our fleet to keep loads rolling and also to make sure our drivers on the roads are getting to the places that they need to be when the time calls for it. As a company, the closer we stay in communication with one another, the better we will be!


Important announcement regarding physical renewals for drivers! We have seen a trend as of late where physicals are taking longer than usual to be updated from our driver’s home states and would like to ask each of our drivers to have your 24 month physicals renewed at least 3 months in advance for success! There’s nothing we like more than having all our drivers out on the road making money and being delayed or unable to haul while waiting for a physical to be updated is frustrating for us all.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to avoiding certain fines or citations one thing we need everyone to know is that the devil is in the details, specifically in terms of how we outfit our equipment. Most recently we’ve seen an increase in the amount of attention focused on window tints, lighting and the type of reflective tape being used on our trucks and trailers. We know that our fleet of drivers is one that can be counted on to always drive safe and would like to encourage all members of our fleet to ensure that not only is your operating skills remaining compliant, but that every piece of the assets you operate with are as well. If you have any questions regarding what is or isn’t allowed in terms of safety related fixtures on your trucks and trailers, don’t hesitate to call someone in the office for help.