August Newsletter 2021

Anthony Book Long Haul Trucking

“With driver appreciation week approaching, I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all of our drivers for the tremendous work they do everyday. We take pride as an organization to make it feel as though every week is Driver Appreciation Week, and cannot thank all of our first class truckers for the amazing work they do. We value each of you immensely! #ThankATrucker”
-CEO Jason Michels

Long Haul Represents at MTA Conference

A big thank you to the Minnesota Trucking Association for doing an outstanding job of hosting the 89th annual conference this past week! Always great to have time to collaborate and connect with some of the other wonderful companies and individuals that make up our industry. We were grateful to have Long Haul well represented this past year by being awarded fleet safety awards for having the best overall safety record in our category (Specialized/Flatbed with over 2 million MN miles) Along with a Fleet Safety Certificate for having a better than average year! Kudos to all of the drivers and teammates that made this happen! We would also like to congratulate our Vice President of Fleet Management, Josh Hainstock for officially completing the MTA NEXT Leader course with graduation occurring at the conference. Josh did a tremendous job of representing Long Haul as a NEXT Leader and we are so proud to have him on our team. Thank you to the MTA for your continued focus in making our industry one for us all to be proud of and coordinating such a wonderful conference! Thank you again to our VP of Fleet Management, Josh Hainstock, Safety Professional, Lisa Herron, Safety Director, Sue Brown and CEO, Jason Michels who all represented Long Haul well at this years conference!

Long Haul Drivers Represent and Awarded for Safety during CVSA Break Safety Week

August brought with it this year’s brake safety week, sponsored by the USDOT and FMCSA. The goal of this event is to reduce highway crashes caused by poorly maintained braking systems on commercial vehicles. As a company that’s focused on always being as safe as possible, we know that we can count on our fleet of first class drivers to always pay close attention to detail when it comes to maintaining their equipment. Please join us in congratulating our drivers R. Linebaugh and J. Stewart who were both stopped, inspected and received clean inspections during brake safety week. Both of these individuals will receive a $100.00 for their elite work!

Chain Law in CO now Active!

It’s hard to believe, but September is already here, which means chain law is back active in the state of Colorado. Please make sure that if you plan on traveling west, you have the appropriate equipment on your truck. Chains or cables can be called for at any time during chain law season, and although Long Haul will not require you to chain up and drive in unsafe conditions, it is still mandatory to have them on your equipment by law. Although this law may indicate cold weather ahead, the freight market is still hot and we can’t wait to enjoy a successful rest of the year with all of our outstanding drivers!

The Bottom Line

This week marks the first day of school for many districts in MN, as well as around the country. We would like to extend a friendly reminder that with class back in session, all school zone speed and traffic changes are now in effect. Please pay close attention to any posted traffic markings for school zones ahead, and let’s make sure our fleet continues to be known as one of the safest on the roads! Thank you to all of our drivers for the tremendous amount of hard work and dedication that you put forth over the summer months, let’s keep it rolling and make the rest of this year as successful as possible! #ThankATrucker#WeDriveLongHaul