Safety Professional of the Year!

Anthony Book Long Haul Trucking

MTA 2023 Safety Professional of the Year

Pictured from left to right: Administrator of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, Robin Hutcheson, LHT Safety Director, Susan Brown LHT CEO, Jason Michels, Division Administrator for U.S. Department of Transportation, Matthew Marrin

Long Haul Trucking is proud to announce that our Safety Director, Susan Brown has won the Minnesota Trucking Associations Safety Professional of the Year for 2023. As Long Haul’s Safety Director, Susan has helped shape and sustain safety as a key component of Long Haul’s culture. Susan is not only laser focused on ensuring that Long Haul is as safe as possible but surrounds herself with like minded professionals who all believe that when it comes to running a fleet, without safety, you have nothing. As the leader of Long Haul’s Safety Department, and a member of its management team, Sue works regularly with each department of the company to ensure that Safety is a top priority for everyone within the organization.
Since becoming Long Haul’s Safety Director, Sue has helped lead Long Haul to winning multiple safety awards, while also nominating and championing for drivers to be recognized for their safe driving habits as well. “This award is very well deserved. Sue’s unwavering dedication to ensuring the safety and wellbeing of our drivers and the public, while always protecting LHT, truly sets her apart.” (Long Haul CEO Jason Michels) Sue has a passion for our industry and since joining our team in 2006 has worked tirelessly to ensure Long Haul is an industry leader in safety along with our image of clean equipment and professional drivers. Continuous improvement is something that Sue has illustrated a great deal of care for as she is always looking at new ways to improve and sustain the level of safe driving standards we have as a company.
As a member of Long Haul’s management team, Sue does an outstanding job of working with fellow managers and our executives to ensure that safety is a key component in every decision that’s made. Sue works with our recruiting and fleet to help oversee driver applications and is committed to making sure that any new driver Long Haul hires is one that fits the high standards of safety she works to maintain. Sue also does a great job of working with others to help educate and inform on why safety is so important and how it plays a direct role in our company’s success every day.
Long Haul Trucking is grateful to have Susan Brown lead our Safety Department and be a member of our team. “This award is voted on by many of the top safety minds in MN, individuals from the DOT, State Patrol, FMCSA to name a few all have a vote. To say the least it’s a big deal.” (Michels) Please join us in congratulating Sue, her department and all Long Haul’s drivers for the efforts and commitment safety that it took for Sue to win this prestigious award!