Premier 94 Takes the Right Angle for Success

Anthony Book Long Haul Trucking

Operating top tier equipment is something that Long Haul Trucking has been known to do since opening our doors over 35 years ago. Maintaining this equipment however is equally important, and something that the team in our companies’ shop, Premier 94 is tasked with every day. As truck and trailer technology continue to evolve, part of our focus is on providing educational opportunities for our staff of diesel mechanics and technicians to attend. By providing these types of trainings we hope it will help our shop team become as knowledgeable on their craft as possible. During the month of November, Premier 94 and Anoka Ramsey Community College partnered in hosting a welding course for our shop employees. This course would offer them additional knowledge in how to be the most effective welder possible when working on the equipment our fleet operates.
Anoka Ramsey Community College sent their welding professor, Mr. Vlasyulk to Long Haul to help coach Premier 94 employees on how to become the best welders they can be. “The instructor had a lot of valuable experience for us to learn from. He showed us everything from how to best set up our welding machine, to doing the actual job itself.” Stated Premier 94 Technician, T. Michels. Vlasyulk spent time during the course working with Premier Techs on how to be the most effective welder from start to finish. With welding being a huge part of Long Haul being able to maintain our equipment, this was valuable experience to gain. Shop Manager, R. Winter added to this as well by saying, “It was really valuable for our team because now they have more experience and knowledge in how to handle different kinds of welding jobs. This course help show our staff how to make different kinds of welds from different angles with all sorts of material.” This is an experience that will certainly prove to be valuable for Premier 94 technicians when welding on the job.
Long Haul Trucking and Premier 94 would like to thank Anoka Ramsey Community College, Mr. Vlasyulk and all the technicians that went through this welding course. Part of being successful with owning and maintaining our own equipment means that when it calls for repair, we can do that as well. Continuous education for our employees is something we are focused on to ensure we are always taking steps in becoming the best company possible. This welding course has helped take our shop to the next level!