June Newsletter

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Logan Strong
Long Haul Driver Shannon Lique’s 16 year old son Logan has been diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. The Long Haul family is pulling together to help Logan with a fundraising and awareness campaign to support him throughout his brave battle with cancer. For $20.00 you can order a #LoganStrong T-shirt and help this young man in his fight. Get the shirt and send a picture of yourself wearing it at various locations throughout the country showing your support! Pictures received will be posted on the LHT Facebook and Instagram accounts, with all proceeds going directly to Logan and his family. For ordering please call LHT at 763-497-5610 and join the fight! We are all in your corner Logan and know that you will overcome to beat this terrible cancer! Thank you to all for your continued support in raising funds and awareness for this cause!

Roadcheck Champs of 2018!
With Roadcheck 2018 behind us, we again want to say thank you to all Long Haul drivers, along with our safety division for the great work they put in every day in order to keep our fleet compliant and running strong! This year was no different as we again can celebrate a successful Roadcheck, while also recognizing specific drivers who passed inspections and clearly keep their rigs elite both inside and out.
Congratulations to Thomas Gore, Mark Strange and Aaron Bowman who will all be receiving an $100 gift card for receiving a clean inspection during the week of Roadcheck 2018. We had a total of four inspections and received only one violation during the week. Thank you all for your hard work and attention to the details that keep us all safe!!

Fire Extinguisher Awareness.
As summer heats up and we continue to stay busy with freight opportunities, it’s always important to remember the small details needed to keep every aspect of our rig compliant. One of these revolves around proper fire extinguisher placement. Please make sure you have your fire extinguisher securely mounted at all time. FMCSA regulations require it to be mounted to prevent sliding, rolling or any vertical movement. This is another small detail that we can’t let slip by in order to ensure we’re remaining ahead of the game and free of any preventable citations or violations. Thank you again to all drivers for their continued attention to detail and safety!

Three Keys for the Month
1) Get the shirt, join the cause, together we are #LoganStrong
2) Thanks again to all of our drivers for their awareness of Roadcheck week and thank you all for your continued focus on safe driving!
3) Don’t forget to be mindful of all posted and mandated lane restriction laws for each part of the country you travel!

The Bottom Line:
“Safety tips to keep our money in our wallets, not paying fines”
Thank you to all of our elite drivers and employees for the work they put in every day in order to ensure our fleet is compliant and free of any citations or violations that might slow us down. Lately, we’ve seen an increase in lane violations, and want to raise awareness in order to prevent any other violation or citations. One critical aspect to remember is that when traveling throughout the country, make sure to remain mindful of following local and state lane restrictions as they can commonly change with your location. Always be aware of road signs or new restrictions based on where you’re running in order to remain compliant with all posted local and state laws. It’s no surprise that Long Haul has a fleet of some of the greatest drivers on the road and the last thing we want to see is them having to pay a violation with all of their hard earned cash!