May Newsletter

Anthony Book Long Haul Trucking

2018 Roadcheck Set to Take Place June 5-7
It’s no secret that Long Haul Trucking is consistently viewed by shippers and drivers as one of the safest, most courteous fleets on the roadway today. This week, June 5-7 will mark the dates of CVSA’s 2018 Roadcheck. Please make sure to be extra mindful in obeying all traffic laws and regulations as always! To recognize our drivers and all their hard work, Long Haul will once again be holding prize drawings for all drivers who receive violation free inspections during the 2018 CVSA’s International Roadcheck. The drawing will be held on Wednesday, June 20, 2018. As always, please submit all inspections to the Safety Department as soon as possible. Thank you again to all the amazing drivers on our team for making the beginning of 2018 an astounding success, We truly value your efforts and thank you immensely for your commitment to driving safe, driving with care, and delivering on time!

Spot Quote Rates Rise, but Will they Last?
It’s not a mystery that the current state of our industry has leaned heavily toward the favor of asset-based carriers. Brokers and 3PL’s are scrambling now more than ever to cover the freight they’ve committed to, and constantly going back to the customer for more money than originally agreed upon to do so. As this pattern continues, internet load boards like Truck Stop and DAT are sure to continually post lanes and opportunities that pay near obscene amounts. This trend will lead to opportunity for the betterment of our company in the long haul. We now can remain loyal to our amazing customer base and build it to new heights by remaining a fair market player that is always on the high side of competitive for the first-class services we provide. The further we dig our roots into relationships with shippers rather than chasing high dollar one-time broker freight, the better we will be as a fleet and organization in the long run.

Did You Check the Bills?
With the freight market still a frenzy, and loads moving fast, please remain mindful of the small details that must be accounted for to ensure every shipment delivered is a success. One of these critical details includes double checking your bill of lading upon each pick up and ensuring that all the info you’ve received matches what was sent by dispatch to your computer and phone. With shipping docks being as busy as they are, it’s easy for someone to miss-load a truck, which is why it is our responsibility to know our assignment and make sure it’s calculated for success each step of the way!

Three Keys for the Month
1) Thanks again to all of our drivers for their awareness of Roadcheck week and thank you all for your continued focus on safe driving!
2) Customer freight and long lasting relationships will keep us all better off for the long haul.
3) If you have any questions regarding the differences of ELD’s and AOBRD’s don’t hesitate to reach out to Sue or anyone in safety for additional info!

The Bottom Line:
“Safety tips to keep our money in our wallets, not paying fines”
As we gear up for CVSA’s 2018 International Roadcheck this coming week of June 5-7, let’s make sure to continue this pattern of excellence and stay mindful of the details and safe driving habits that have kept us successful thus far. This year, the focus of the Roadcheck is Hours of Service compliance. More specifically, the difference between an ELD and an AOBRD. Long Haul is currently operating on AOBRD units and we are grandfathered to do so until December 16, 2019. Each driver will also be receiving a more detailed training guide in their settlements this week and we sincerely ask that you take the time to review and understand the information. If you still have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to Sue Brown or any other member of the Safety team for additional info!