Celebrating Safety

Anthony Book Long Haul Trucking

Over 9 million Safe Miles Combined!

Thursday, April 28th, 2022, was a special day for Long Haul Trucking and our industry as it brought the opportunity to recognize and thank seven professional truck drivers who all surpassed safe driving milestones in the year 2021. Being able to celebrate these accomplishments is an amazing feat, and something few drivers can enjoy. Our industry currently sees few drivers who ever reach one million miles of safe driving, making it more important to recognize and applaud those who do! Surpassing the one million mile mark was Long Haul teammates; Dana Drinkman, Jason Jenkins, John Sprott, Tim Uhde, and Billy Haussmann. Long Haul drivers Harry Rybacki and Ralph Donnay surpassed the two-million mile mark, unbelievable! These drivers’ tenures with Long Haul span from a range of 10 to 21 years and combine for a total of 115 years of safe driving with Long Haul!

Joining Long Haul at this celebration of safe driving was Captain Jonathan Olsen from the Minnesota Departments of Public Safety, “Taking a moment out of the busyness of work’s day-to-day tasks to celebrate and honor the remarkable achievements of this state’s most dedicated drivers is so important. Driving one million miles, two, and beyond is no ‘accident’. It does not happen by chance or luck. It is a mark achieved by the true professional driver, whose dedication to safety never waivers.” (Captain Olsen) Among the many impressive intangibles that come with this amount of safe driving is knowing that every member of the public has been safe when travelling alongside these professional drivers.

In addition to Captain Olsen, Long Haul CEO Jason Michels was at the milestone celebration to honor our one million mile drivers with commemorative rings, while those who reached two million miles were awarded with watches. “Today is a great day for our team. Celebrating these safe drivers and their great accomplishments is a blessing for us. These drivers are special, what they have done makes us proud, they have kept everyone safe around them for so many years and miles. We are fortunate to be working with them and our appreciation for what they have accomplished is beyond measure.” (Michels)

It is impossible to summarize the weight that this achievement holds, but it is important that we honor it for the elite accomplishment as it is. Executing this number of safe miles means thousands of loads, countless hours away from home and a love for being a professional truck driver that only the best on the roads have inside of them. It is important that our industry continues to honor all the amazing drivers who go to work every day to safely keep our country’s supply chain afloat. Thank you, again to every professional trucker out there that keeps safety at the forefront of their mind, and especially to these seven drivers for their impressive accomplishments!