April Newsletter 2020

Anthony Book Long Haul Trucking

I Think We Need Some Space.

Although many of our shippers continue to stay busy with a shared hope that things will bust open any minute and return to normal, it doesn’t mean they haven’t installed new policies to police the way people interact on site at their facilities. Social distancing and PPE, including face masks, are becoming more common of a request by the day and it is important that each of us are prepared to comply. Please remember that these new requests are being made solely to protect all the people that both work at and interact with these facilities to keep them clean, open and fully operational. When visiting or interacting with a client, it is important that we respect and follow the guidelines that they have put in place in order to do our part as a carrier. We also recommend that you always keep a face mask available in your truck as you never know when your next load may require you to wear one. Thank you to all our drivers for your hard work while out on the front lines, we respect and appreciate you immensely!

The Devil is in the Details

Taking the time to properly read a trip assignment, dispatch notes and bill of lading has always been a huge part of our success, but with many shippers now avoiding face to face contact and verbal dialogues they are even more critical than ever. When you arrive for a load or receive a bill of lading from a client, please take the time to double check every aspect of the document for accuracy. Destination, contact information and description are key components to ensure that we have loaded the correct shipment and are in position to knock out another successful load!

Looking for a new Truck or Trailer?

Long Haul Trucking is excited to unveil a new web domain, LHTTrucks.com, which will instantly bring any perspective buyer to all available equipment that we have for sale. When you buy a trailer from Long Haul, you can have faith in the fact that it has been well maintained and cared for throughout the duration of it’s career and that it is a proven revenue earner! Whether you or someone you know is in the market for new equipment, check out LHTTrucks.com for a great listing of all items currently up for sale!

Three Keys for the Month
1) Respect the guidelines that our shippers have in place to ensure that all employees and visitors remain as healthy as possible.
2) Don’t forget to double check your bill of lading to ensure the load that’s been put on your trailer is the exact one you signed up to haul
3) If you or someone you know is in the market for a new piece of equipment, send them to LHTTrucks.com for a full catalog of all used equipment that Long Haul has up for sale.

We Reward our Drivers Safe Driving Habits!

Social distancing is a phrase that prior to 2020 had never entered any of our vocabularies and now 5 months into the year is heard more than just about anything else. One component of social distancing that some of our shippers have implemented is asking drivers to leave their trailers while they are being loaded and return once completed. It is completely okay for us to comply with the request of our clients, but critical to ensure that everything put on to our trailer is thoroughly examined and secured before departing with a signed BOL. If you are dealing with a shipper that asks you to remain inside the truck or in a waiting area during the loading process, make sure to double check that they left no damage to the product and that it is loaded safely and appropriately before heading out for delivery. Thank you to all of our teammates for your flexibility and hard work during these tumultuous times, we value each of you immensely.