2020 Grand Safety Champion!

Anthony Book Long Haul Trucking

Long Haul Trucking is proud to be recognized and awarded with the 2020 Fleet Safety Grand Champion Award from the Minnesota Trucking Association. Safety is a top priority and focus for Long Haul which is why winning an award of this caliber means an undefinable amount to the company. “Safety awards are bigger than any awards. If you aren’t a safe company, what do you really have to be proud of?” stated Long Haul CEO Jason Michels when asked about his thoughts on winning the Grand Champion title for 2020. “It means the world to me knowing that when our trucks are on the roads, our families are safe to be on the roadways next to them.” (Michels) Becoming the safest fleet possible can only be done when everyone in the company takes safety seriously and makes it a top priority. Long Haul would like to acknowledge and thank their outstanding Safety Department and drivers for all the hard work they put forth daily to ensure they are as safe as can be!
Long Haul’s Safety department is lead by its Director, Susan Brown, and composed of a group of hard working, detail oriented professionals that commit themselves daily to keeping the organization and its drivers focused on safe driving. “Safety is a major part of our culture, more so than just something we preach. We have support from our other departments as well because everyone knows how important it is.” (Brown) The Safety department at Long Haul works hard to not only keep their drivers on the roads safe, but to create new processes ensuring that anyone Long Haul hires to drive for them meets the high level of standards that are set forth for safety. “The difference with us is our drivers. We have a very strong vetting process in which we select only the most qualified drivers.” Between a healthy combination of having a safety department that is committed to excellence and a fleet of drivers that are some of the safest in the industry, Long Haul is working daily to help raise the industry standard on what it means to be the safest fleet possible. “We (Long Haul) do not tolerate any driver or office professional that doesn’t find safety to be the top priority for our company.” (Michels)
In order to be the safest company possible, it takes a commitment from every department within Long Haul to do so. In addition to Long Haul’s Safety Department and fleet of qualified drivers another group that should be recognized for their success in safety is Long Haul’s repair shop, Premier 94. All of the diesel technicians and mechanics that work hard to keep the companies equipment in great shape. Keeping equipment in premier shape is exactly what Premier 94 does, which helps propel their success in safety and ensures that any time the equipment needs to be inspected, that it will safely pass. It takes fluid communication and being nimble across departments to make certain that trucks are being maintained, loads are being hauled, and the company is being successful all while following rigid safety protocol and ethics.
Long Haul would like to once again thank all the hard working people that help keep their company focused on safety, along with the Minnesota Trucking Association for naming them Grand Champion for 2020. Safety is a business category that always calls for continuous improvement and the team at Long Haul is committed to staying focused on always challenging themselves to be the safest fleet in the industry.