December Newsletter 2020

Anthony Book Long Haul Trucking

Today we would like to applaud all our Long Haul employees and drivers for their outstanding work in 2020. Through your hard work, dedication and persistence we were able to take a year that brought great challenges and still make it a success for our clients and company. With all that our company learned from enduring the challenges of 2020 it has only made us stronger and more capable of battling adversity in the future. Let’s keep our momentum rolling and make 2021 one of our best years yet!

Safest in the State!
Long Haul Trucking is proud to be recognized and awarded with the 2020 Fleet Safety Grand Champion Award from the Minnesota Trucking Association. Safety is a top priority and focus for Long Haul which is why winning an award of this caliber means an undefinable amount to the company. “Safety awards are bigger than any awards. If you aren’t a safe company, what do you really have to be proud of?” stated Long Haul CEO Jason Michels when asked about his thoughts on winning the Grand Champion title for 2020. “It means the world to me knowing that when our trucks are on the roads, our families are safe to be on the roadways next to them.” (Michels) Becoming the safest fleet possible can only be done when everyone in the company takes safety seriously and makes it a top priority. Long Haul would like to acknowledge and thank their outstanding Safety Department and drivers for all the hard work they put forth daily to ensure they are as safe as can be!

Top Ten!
Our team is fortunate to have a fleet of professional, outstanding drivers that we can count on to properly execute every shipment that our clients entrust to us. Over the past year we saw a tremendous amount of effort and persistence from our fleet to continue the seamless service that our clients count on and want to thank all of our drivers for their great work.
Additionally, we would also like to offer a special congratulations to our top 10 club for 2020! These ten drivers led our fleet in total revenue for the year and certainly made in impact on both the successes of our organization and our clients. Well done!
Top 10
1 – Robert Gonzales
2 – Jerome Stewart
3 – Craig Anthony
4 – Jerry Ballo
5 – Matt Christiansen
6 – Ed Janicki
7 – Paul Whittle
8 – Tom Dyson
9 – Jeremy Schmelzer
10 – Javier Jones
Congratulations to all of our Top Ten drivers and thank you to all Long Haul drivers for your great work this year!

In it for the Long Haul It goes without question that one of the biggest components that makes our company special is the people! This year we celebrated milestone anniversaries for several individuals that we would like to once again recognize and thank for their years of service and dedication to our team!

10 Years
Terry Anderson
Mike Cooper
Tom Dent
Dale Paige
Walt Wilty
Andrea Chalich
Roger Crane
Brian Dingmann

20 Years
Tiffani Steinke

25 Years
Beth Hansen
Glenn Radloff

Thank you to each of you for everything you have done and continue to do in giving us a company to be proud of!

Three Keys for the Month
1) Thank you and congratulations to all members of the Long Haul family that played a role in making our fleet the safest in the state!
2) Congratulations to our top ten drivers for 2020 and thank you all for your elite work!
3) Congratulations and thank you to all of our employees that celebrated a milestone anniversary in 2020. We appreciate you all immensely!

We Reward our Drivers Safe Driving Habits!

With the new year comes another opportunity for us to sharpen our tool kit in becoming as prepared and safe of a fleet as possible! Winter driving is a critical part of safety for our team to focus on in order to make the next months as successful as possible. We would like to encourage all of our drivers to make sure that they are not only equipped with the tools and material needed to enjoy a successful winter, but to take some extra time in pre-planning and looking at weather reports for your route of travel to help forecast any hazardous weather ahead. We cannot say thank you enough to all of our amazing drivers and employees for the work that was put forth in closing 2020 on a positive note and look forward to making the coming year one of the best we’ve ever seen!